Unbound, HLS’s first online journal, opened up shop in cyberspace in the fall and plans to take advantage of what the neighborhood has to offer, like streaming video, discussion boards and links to related sites for legal activism. Since their 1L year, Lena Salaymeh ’04 and Aaron Lamb ’04 have been working to make the journal a cyber-reality. They’re taking “an interdisciplinary, theoretical and activist approach to legal scholarship,” said Salaymeh. Early postings include Professor Duncan Kennedy on “The Social Justice Element in Legal Education in the United States.”

At a time when square feet and staff support for new student publications are hard to find–14 are currently operating–Unbound is published and produced only on the Web (at www.legalleft.org). But student participants also plan to reach beyond the virtual law school, to organize more events like the one that brought over 200 people to the Ames Courtroom to hear faculty discuss “The Future of Progressive Legal Scholarship.” It’s a future that Unbound editors hope to contribute to.