With the start of the academic year, four new scholars have joined the ranks of the Harvard Law School faculty. New hires this fall include Maureen E. “Molly” Brady, assistant professor of law; Benjamin Eidelson, assistant professor of law; Alan Jenkins ’89, professor of practice; and Laura Weinrib ’03, professor of law. In addition to these appointments, Andrew Manuel Crespo ’08 and Crystal Yang ’13 have both been promoted to professors of law.

These faculty bring expertise across a broad spectrum of fields, including property law, criminal procedure, constitutional law, legal history, race and social justice, and law and economics.

“These are first-rate scholars and superb teachers whose insights, expertise, and innovative methodologies and approaches to teaching bring a tremendous amount to our students and to the HLS learning environment,” said Harvard Law School Dean John F. Manning ’85.

Molly Brady

Maureen E. “Molly” Brady, an expert in property law, land use law, local government law, legal history and intellectual property law, joins the Harvard Law School faculty as assistant professor of law. Brady’s scholarship uses historical analyses of property institutions, doctrinal rules, land use policies and constitutional property provisions to explore broader theoretical questions. She returns to Cambridge, where she earned her A.B. at Harvard College, from the University of Virginia School of Law, where she served as associate professor of law. Read the full announcement

Andrew Manuel Crespo ’08

Andrew Manuel Crespo ’08 has been promoted to professor of law at Harvard Law School. Crespo joined the faculty as an assistant professor in 2015, after serving as a public defender for many years.

Since joining the faculty, Crespo has emerged as a prominent scholar in the field of criminal procedure, with his research focusing on the institutional design and administration of the criminal justice system and the administrative role that courts play in regulating law enforcement behavior. Read the full announcement

Benjamin Eidelson

Constitutional law and legal theory scholar Benjamin Eidelson joins the Harvard Law School faculty as an assistant professor. Trained in both law and philosophy, Eidelson specializes in questions at the intersection of the two disciplines. His work explores the interplay of legal doctrines and moral principles, with a particular focus on contending conceptions of equality and respect. Read the full announcement

Alan Jenkins ’89

Alan Jenkins ’89, who was president and co-founder of the social justice communications organization The Opportunity Agenda, joins the Harvard Law School faculty as a professor of practice. Having previously taught Communications, Law and Social Change at HLS as a lecturer on law, Jenkins is expected to teach courses on race and the law, communications and social change, and social justice. Read the full announcement

Laura Weinrib ’03

Laura Weinrib ’03, a leading scholar of legal history and constitutional law, joins the Harvard Law School faculty as professor of law. She returns to her alma mater from The University of Chicago Law School, where she was professor of law and associate member of the Department of History. In the fall of 2018, she served as the Sullivan & Cromwell Visiting Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. Read the full announcement

Crystal Yang ’13

Crystal Yang ’13, a law and economics scholar, was promoted to professor of law at Harvard Law School. Yang, who joined the faculty as an assistant professor in 2014, focuses her teaching and research on empirical law and economics, particularly in the areas of criminal justice, consumer bankruptcy, and immigration and welfare policy. Read the full announcement