Henry Stern ’57 said no to Monica Lewinsky.

The New York City parks commissioner recently ruled that the infamous White House intern could not swing in Central Park. Stern was not making a political statement. He was merely protecting the park from any unhealthy drive that Lewinsky might have unleashed.

Lewinsky, in New York City this spring on a promotional appearance for the new Maximum Golf magazine, was scheduled to launch a few golf balls to a floating green in a Central Park lake. Not so fast, said Stern.

“Putting a plastic ‘Gilligan’s Island’ in the Central Park lake constitutes inappropriate use of the space,” said Stern to the New York Daily News. “Among other things, it poses a danger to wildlife.”

Stern invited Lewinsky to play on any of the city’s 13 golf courses. But he had to maintain certain standards of his office.

“We didn’t want her to hit a birdie,” said Stern