While practicing law can be exhilarating, affirming, and even joyful, it can also be challenging, knowing that no one can win every case or fully help every client. So, how do Harvard Law School faculty unwind after a long week? Where do staff members go when they need to relax?

Read on for some recommendations from members of the Harvard Law campus on their favorite ways to loosen up and find their “happy place” — so that they can return reenergized to the fulfilling, and world-changing, work they do every day.

How I unwind

“After a long day or week, I typically either stream video (science fiction is my great interest), or read a relaxing book — usually history, biography, or a novel. My idea is to get as far from what I’ve been doing all day as possible.”
Kenneth W. Mack ’91, Lawrence D. Biele Professor of Law

“Some combination of bingeing TV (recently finished Hijack, The Diplomat, and Silo), working out, reading novels, video games, and restaurants/cooking with my husband.”
Glenn Cohen ’03, James A. Attwood and Leslie Williams Professor of Law

“My family and I love to check out parks and other outdoor activities. My wife and I have a three-year-old daughter who is always up for adventure and seeing new places, and we have a blast exploring.”
Michael McCann LL.M. ’05, Visiting Professor of Law

“To unwind, I like to see a good show! Nothing beats the inspiration and escapism that you get from watching a good play or movie. One highlight for me this summer was going to see the American Repertory Theatre’s presentation of Evita, which was mesmerizing. I’m also hoping to catch some throwback films at the Coolidge Corner Hip Hop @ 50 Festival before it’s too late.”
Aminta Ossom ’09, Lecturer on Law and Clinical Instructor in the International Human Rights Clinic

“I play ridiculous games with my toddler (such as ‘go night,’ a hilarious game that involves pretending to sleep — you have to be there). I watch combinations of good and trash television (recent favorites include Silo and the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City). And many weekends, I have a glass of Virginia wine with my husband (we are ambassadors for Virginia wine country!).”
Molly Brady, Louis D. Brandeis Professor of Law

“Spending time with my husband and son, still watching lots of film and television!”
Tara Kole ’03, Lecturer on Law

“Most of my ‘free’ time these days is spent with my family, which includes a four-year-old and a one-year-old. I also like to jog, watch TV with my wife, and read novels, The New Yorker, and (even in my free time) academic articles.”
Nicholas Stephanopoulos, Kirkland & Ellis Professor of Law

“Having a dance party with our two-year-old in the kitchen listening to ’90s pop.”
Hannah Perls ’20, Senior Staff Attorney with the Harvard Environmental & Energy Law Program

My happy place

“My happy place on the HLS campus to unwind is crossroads. I love sitting at the round tables and taking in all of the seasons (especially fall — my favorite season in New England).”
Armando Olea Romero, Assistant Director for the Office of Community Engagement, Equity, and Belonging

“I highly recommend the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA). They have an impressive collection, and have a specific gallery dedicated to Monet’s work. (Can you tell I’m an impressionism fan?) Pro tip — they are open till late on Thursdays, which makes it a great time to explore while avoiding the crowd.”
Lucy Cui, Admissions Officer, J.D. Admissions

“The patio and grass area at North Hall is sweet.”
Dianne Ribeirinha-Braga, Assistant Director of HLS Housing

“The Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain is a wonderful escape and really pulls you away from campus (at no cost!). It’s also easy to get to via public transit, although folks will have to sit through a 45-minute train ride.”
Micah Nemiroff, Assistant Director for Programs and Recruitment, Office of Public Interest Advising

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