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Before scheduling your event, check the HLS Calendar and the Student Organizations and Journals Google Calendar to see if there are other competing events at the same time. Timing for your event will depend on several factors. Late fall term (November) and late spring term (late February-April) are busy times for conferences. Other times in the academic year are also exceptionally busy, and it may be difficult to secure on-campus space or hotel accommodations.

Event Topic

Before scheduling your event, confirm that the event is in compliance with HLS’s policies, including our Career Related Events Policy. In addition to timing, check the HLS Calendar to make sure that no other events are covering the same topic. Consider collaborating with other student organizations if your subject matter overlaps.

Space, Catering, and Technology

Book space for your event early, and make sure the space you reserve will work for the size and needs of your event. For example, having fewer than 40 people in your audience generally allows you to use an unamplified room. Arrangements for most other services, including catering and technology services, should be requested 2-4 weeks before the event.

High Profile Guests/Events

If you invite a high-profile speaker(s) to campus or you are expecting a large audience, special arrangements may be necessary. Before you send any invitations, student organizations and journals should email Allison Patenaude in the CEEB office.


HLS is committed to the inclusion of people with disabilities in all aspects of campus life, including co-curricular events and activities. Don’t forget to follow the Accessibilty Guidelines for your event.


Allow enough time to publicize your event. Publicity materials should be ready several weeks before your event.