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Below are common questions we receive from returning LIPP participants. If you have questions not on this page, please review the LIPP Policies section. You can also contact us at or call 617-495-0643.


How do I apply?

Applications are submitted in the SFS Portal; after submission, a list of required documents will generate.

I’m not going to make the June 3rd priority deadline, can I still receive LIPP?

Yes, but because we award on a rolling basis, your funding may be delayed. Additionally, you must submit your full application (including required documents) by July 31st in order to receive July assistance. LIPP does not award retroactive assistance.

I am interested in the PSLF-Based Plan.

Interested graduates in the PSLF-Based Plan must submit a statement of interest survey to indicate interest. A member of the LIPP team will be in contact to schedule a meeting to discuss your eligibility as well as next steps. 

Jobs Changes and Additional Income

I’m changing jobs, how should I note this on my application?

If your job change occurs after July 1st, please include info regarding your current position in the primary fields and then make notations in the notes field regarding your last day at that position and include as much info as you have about the new position (employer, title, start date, salary).

I had a job change or income change since last period, how should I note this?

If you have had a salary or job change, please be sure to include your last day working at your previous job and your first day working at your new job in the notes field of the Employment and Income Information section of the online application.

What should I do if my position is ending and I don’t yet have another position lined up yet?

Please note the last day at your position in the notes section and we will prorate your award. Once you have secured your next position, you should submit a new employer form. If your position is ending prior to July 1st, email us. It is also important to note that, if your position is ending in the middle of the month, you will only receive LIPP assistance for a portion of the month, but you will be expected to make a full payment for the month. Because of this, you may wish to set-up forbearance if you are unable to make the full payment with only partial assistance.

What income sources do I need to include?

Please include all sources of income on your application, including salary, freelance work, contract work, etc.

Loan Documentation and Loan Repayment While in LIPP

What payment history documentation will be required?

You must include a payment history from October 2023-present on each of your loans. If your payments started after October because you were a new participant last period, then include all payments you made since your loans entered repayment. Without documentation of your payment history, determination of your award will be delayed. If your loan servicer changed or you cannot access the full history on your site, you can include a copy of the transactions from your bank statement as documentation. Please refer to our Lender Contact Information page.

I’ve been making federal loan payments throughout the CARES Act and now my loan payment has gone down, what should I do? 

If you were receiving LIPP funding prior to the federal payment pause and you continued to make payments throughout, LIPP will cover you at your pre-CARES Act payment amount, even if your servicer has reduced your required payment so long as you continue making the original payment amount. If you choose to pay the new, lower amount your LIPP eligibility will be reduced based on the new payment amount. 

Can I make additional payments to my loans above the monthly required payment amount?

If you decide to make an additional payment on your loan to pay off ineligible debt or to pay down a portion of your debt, you should first contact your loan servicer to ask how they will apply the extra payment. If given the option, you should have the payment applied to the principal of your loan, although this may lower your monthly payment slightly. Try to avoid having it applied to future payments. If the payment is credited towards future bills, your statement will reflect that you do not have a payment due and, when you reapply for LIPP, the loan will not be considered eligible until your next required payment is due.

Can I participate in other LRAP programs concurrently with LIPP?

Yes, but with certain conditions. Please review the Additional Loan Repayment Assistance page.

I want to refinance my student loans. What do I need to provide to the LIPP office?

If you plan to refinance your loans, please be sure to check with LIPP staff before signing the terms to ensure that your refinanced loan will be eligible. If you refinanced since last period, you will need to include final payment histories on your prior loans, and your disclosure for your refinanced loan along with your current bill and payment history from your new servicer. See Eligible Refinancing and Consolidation.

Marriage and Children

I’m getting married or expecting a child, should I report this information?

Yes, both of these life changes may impact your LIPP eligibility, so please include notes in the demographic notes field regarding the date of the expected change. If you are getting married before June 30th, you will be required to include financial information regarding your fiancé.

I don’t know what my childcare expenses will be yet, what should I do?

You should not indicate that you will have any expenses on the online application and you are not required to submit childcare documentation. When you finalize the details, you can update LIPP with the dependent care coversheet and documentation of the expenses.