Looking for a small way to contribute to the public interest legacy at HLS and encourage the next generation of public interest lawyers? OPIA is excited to announce the creation of a social justice library, a space in our suite that we hope will inspire students and facilitate community-building among public interest-minded students and alumni. We need your help to bring the library to life!

Is there a book that you recommend to every new public interest lawyer or an author who influenced your public interest journey? Is there a book that changed the way you think about the world, your career, or the law? We’d like to hear about it! Please fill out this form sharing your recommendation along with a brief note on why this book resonated with you. Your name, class year, and note will be printed in the inside cover of your recommended book.

The bad news: books are expensive and we need a lot of titles to fill the shelves!  If you have a copy of a book in your personal library that you’d be willing to part with or you would like to donate a new or used book directly to OPIA, please mail the title to:

ATTN: Deborah Valero Montijano
1585 Massachusetts Ave. Ste 4039
Wasserstein Hall
Cambridge, MA  02138

For questions on the program or to check whether a particular book has already been donated, email Deborah Valero Montijano.