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The process of evaluating placement options, applying for a Chayes Fellowship, and finalizing summer plans begins in November and continues into the spring.

November 2023:

A list of pre-approved placement organizations (regularly updated) will be made available. Students may begin to research these and potential new placement organizations in order to explore whether there is a fit between the student’s interests and skills and the organization’s needs.

November 2023-January 2024:

International Legal Studies staff are available for advising meetings.

December 1, 2023:

First-year students may begin to apply for jobs with placement organizations. ILS staff and OPIA student advisors will be available for consultations.

February 1, 2024:

Applications for the Chayes Fellowship are due.

On the application, applicants should also indicate their availability for an interview during business hours (EST) on February 5, 6, and 7.

February 5, 6 and 7, 2024:

The Chayes Fellowship program will conduct interviews with applicants.

February 2024:

Students applying for a Chayes Fellowship should begin the process of applying for Summer Public Interest Funding (which is a prerequisite to participation in the Chayes Fellowship program). See Summer Public Interest Funding on the Student Financial Services website for information on this multi-step process.

March 1, 2024:

Notification of Fellowship selections will be sent to applicants. Final award of the Fellowship will be contingent upon the student securing an offer from an approved placement organization, and – in some cases – providing the Chayes Program with additional details about the work they will be undertaking.

March-April 2024:

Individual advising meetings with ILS staff for all accepted Chayes Fellows. These meetings will provide an opportunity to discuss specifics of placements and summer preparation.

March 31, 2024:

Deadline for accepted Chayes Fellows to secure an approved placement and make a firm commitment to the program.

April-May 2024:

Final arrangements are made regarding stipends. During this period, students will arrange their own travel and housing for the summer, if warranted, and mandatory briefing and training sessions will take place.