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HLS students are not allowed to pre-register, register or graduate without first settling any outstanding balance owed to the University. In addition, students are not allowed to carry balances over from one academic year into the next; all back balances must be paid in full prior to registration. Furthermore, financial aid funds awarded in any one academic year cannot be used to cover prior academic years’ unpaid charges.

Students who do not meet the requirements for financial clearance will be charged a $250 late fee.  In addition to the late fee, students who have not obtained financial clearance are barred from Registrar’s Office services such as add/drop, course registration. If students continue to be delinquent on their outstanding balance they will be reviewed by the Law School Administrative Board for cancellation of enrollment, as outlined in the HLS Handbook of Academic Policies.

Students are given ample notice before penalties are assessed. It is important for students to contact Student Financial Services as soon as any extenuating circumstances arises which prevents them from resolving their outstanding balance. Our office will work with students to the best of our ability to help students obtain financial clearance.