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Financial aid credits are divided equally between the number of terms in the academic year. For most students, aid credits will be applied to your student account in two equal installments, one in the fall and the other in the spring.

Actual Credits

An actual financial aid credit is a credit that has already been disbursed and postedAnticipated Credits

An anticipated financial aid credit is a credit that is expected to post to your student account at a future date.

Anticipated financial aid credits are based on what our office has on record., in other words, aid that is already viewable by you in the SFS Self-Service Portal. This includes:

  • Aid we have awarded to you via HLS Grant and Loan funds (if eligible)
  • Federal and Private loans that you have both applied for and we have processed at a given point in time
  • Outside funding (such as external scholarships and VA funding) that we are aware of that will be disbursed directly to your student account

Anticipated aid  data is sent to the central Student Financial Services Office for posting to your student account on a regular basis so it is constantly refreshed to include newly processed loan applications new sources of outside aid paid directly to us.

Since the disbursement of aid happens after each term’s tuition bill is due, we allow anticipated financial aid credits to offset outstanding charges on your student account. In fact, when you review your student account, you will find that if you have anticipated aid on your account, the final amount due has been adjusted to reflect these pending credits. As actual financial aid credits are disbursed to your student account, the amount of remaining anticipated aid will decline by an identical amount.

It is important to understand that anticipated financial aid credits are not the same as an actual credit.  While we strive to ensure that all anticipated aid listed on your student account is accurate and up-to-date, due to the complicated nature of the process and to the fact that our office does not administer the billing system internally, we reserve the right to fix any errors in awards or transmission that may be discovered at any time.