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Supplemental funding is a way to increase your summer income as much as possible; we strongly suggest all interested students apply for both SPIF and supplemental funding sources in order to maximize their summer earnings potential. Any supplemental funding you receive from your SPIF employer, including wages, stipends, housing, transportation, etc., and any fellowships you receive for your SPIF position will count towards the SPIF Funding Cap. However, funds you receive for your non-SPIF position have no effect on your SPIF award but must be reported to the Student Financial Services Office if you are receiving financial aid in your Summer Update form.

There are several sources of Supplemental Funding:

HLS Affiliated Supplemental Funding Sources

These funding sources are specific to HLS students. Further details may be found on the HLS Affiliated Supplemental Summer Funding Sources page.

Non-HLS Fellowships and Internships

There are many fellowships and internships available to supplement SPIF awards. One good place to start your research is PSJD – an online resource for law students.

Additionally, we occasionally receive notifications regarding fellowships for summer public interest work. When possible, information regarding these fellowships will be emailed to SPIF applicants and listed on this page.

Please note, recipients of Blackstone Fellowships are not eligible for SPIF. This is because the combined value of the Blackstone scholarship as well as the the airfare, lodging, and meals provided exceeds the $9000 SPIF Funding Cap.

Current Listings:

There are no fellowships with upcoming deadlines.

Past Listings:

WAPPP Summer Internship Program, provides stipends to Harvard graduate students for field placements that focus on closing gender gaps, deadline March 27, 2019

Massachusetts Bar Foundation – 2019 Legal Intern Fellowship Program, deadline March 15, 2019

Stipend or Pay from an Employer

While an employer may not be able to offer a full salary for the summer, they may be able to offer a stipend or a partial salary. Don’t be afraid to ask your employer if they can pay you for your work.

Additional Employment

There are 16 weeks between the last day of exams and the first day of classes, getting a second, non-SPIF eligible job during that time period will not affect your SPIF award and is a good way to increase your summer income.