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New applicants with LIPP-qualifying employment can enter the program at any time by submitting a New Application along with the supporting documentation described below. New applicants should apply no later than 1 month before their first payment is due in order to allow us enough time to calculate LIPP eligibility and to ensure the information provided is as accurate as possible. Your LIPP eligibility begins when you are legally obligated to start repayment (after you have exhausted periods of deferment and grace periods), you enter a LIPP eligible job, AND the LIPP office receives a complete application.

Participants continuing in the LIPP program must submit an application for LIPP assistance twice a year. The standard application deadlines for LIPP assistance are mid-November for the January – June cycle, and early June for the July – December cycle, in order to guarantee a timely check. LIPP funding is not retroactive and will not be processed to cover loan payments incurred before a complete application is received. Participants must apply before the end of a given month in order to be considered eligible for assistance in that month.

A completed application is defined as the combination of the online application with all required documents in a status of “Accepted.” In the SFS Self-Service Portal you will be able to review a list of the documents you are required to submit, which is based on the information you provide in your online application. Links to all of the required documents are available in Step 2 below. The Self-Service Portal is secure and will be used for the direct upload of required LIPP documents. Periodic email reminders will be sent to participants to log in and check the status of their documents, but it is the responsibility of the participant to submit completed documents in a timely manner and to check regularly on whether documents in a status of “Waiting for Document Review” have been accepted by LIPP staff. We recommend all applicants log in to the SFS Self-Service Portal regularly to monitor their document and application statuses to avoid any delays in the processing of LIPP funding.