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Holmes Field, an outdoor space next to Hauser and Langdell Halls.

Borrowing a loan is a highly personalized decision. You will want to consider a number of factors when choosing a loan program. We strongly encourage you to consider the information below when making your selection since your decision will have a long term financial impact. Consider the total cost along with other factors such as type of interest rate, credit check conditions, loan terms, repayment options and benefits, as well as personal financial preference, and future financial goals.

Which loan program is the right one for me?

Which loan program is the right one for me?

Choosing a loan program is a very personal decision.  Only you know what factors weigh more than others for you and what your future financial needs and goals will be.  Student Financial Services provides information on our Research Your Options page to assist you in making your borrowing decisions, however, under the Student Loan Code of Conduct we cannot tell you which loan program you should choose.

While reviewing the loan choices made by other students is not a good or recommended substitute for careful research and comparison when choosing a loan program, in the interest of transparency we provide the borrowing statistics from the prior academic year.