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Entering students begin the loan application process in early June of the year in which they are admitted. Returning students will begin to apply for loans in mid July once they receive their financial aid award notice.

There are many lenders you can borrow through in order to finance your legal education. Harvard Law School, like all of Harvard University, has no financial interest in your choice of lender.

Potential LIPP applicants REMINDER: You should consider the length of a private loan’s repayment term and contact the lender to ask about the possibility of formally shortening the term to 10 years from the 15 or 20 year terms that are typically standard. LIPP only provides assistance on the actual required payment and recommends that participants place all of their loans on 10 year repayment terms to maximize the LIPP benefits. Estimated payments will not be considered for LIPP purposes.


  • Which loan program is the right one for me?

    Choosing a loan program is a very personal decision.  Only you know what factors weigh more than others for you and what your future financial needs and goals will be.  Student Financial Services provides information on our Research Your Options page to assist you in making your borrowing decisions, but under the Student Loan Code of Conduct we cannot tell you which loan program you should choose.  While reviewing the loan choices made by other students is not a good or recommended substitute for careful research and comparison when choosing a loan program, in the interest of transparency we provide the following borrowing statistics from the 2016-17 academic year.

    2016-17 Borrowing Statistics

    Loan Program Amount Borrowed
    Citizen’s Student Loan ~ $262,174
    Canadian Student Loans ~ $275,722
    Discover Student Loan ~ $75,062
    Federal Direct GradPLUS ~ $36,183,565
    Harvard University Credit Union ~ $4,195,552
    Other Student Loan Programs ~ $338,718
    Sallie Mae Smart Loan ~ $627,125
    SunTrust Student Loan ~ $275,081
    Wells Fargo Student Loan ~ $697,059

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