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Helpful Life SkillsThrough the use of articles, podcasts, videos, and learning modules, Helpful Life Skills provides you with the resources, insight and materials you need to make informed financial decisions and set goals for your financial future.

Financial fitness is as important and central to reducing stress in your life as physical fitness. Additionally, more and more employers expect Harvard Law School students to have better financial skills, including personal financial management. Whether you receive financial aid or not, we encourage you to check out this page – we think you’ll like what you see!

Topic of the Month: How LIPP Works:

Topic of the Month: How LIPP Works:

The mission of LIPP is to enable Harvard Law School J.D. graduates to pursue a broad range of relatively lower income employment options while maintaining the ability to repay their educational loans.  Through LIPP, Harvard Law School is committed to preserving freedom of job choice within the legal profession for its graduates. It’s never too early to start thinking and getting the information you need to make informed decisions about your career and finances.  Review the slides below and other listed tools to see how LIPP can work for you!



igradcrimson3iGrad is your free online interactive financial literacy curriculum.  It’s made with you and your financial needs in mind.  Once you log in, you’ll: learn at your own pace, increase your understanding, take control, and get results. Log in to iGrad today and start taking steps toward financial fitness!


“ The best thing about these workshops was that they were simple, easy to understand and customized...I left empowered with new knowledge. Thank you!”

— Helpful Life Skills Workshop Attendee

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