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This form is REQUIRED from ALL financial aid recipients, including those receiving only loans, those receiving SPIF, and/or those who did not work during the summer of 2017. The information provided on this form is used to finalize our determination of your student contribution with regard to financial aid for the 2017-2018 academic year. This, in turn, allows us to finalize both your grant eligibility (if you are receiving grant) and any potential future eligibility for loan repayment assistance from LIPP.

In September and October, as part of our fall review process, we will be busy processing the information submitted on this form, along with any of the other information you may be required to complete/submit as part of Step 5 of the financial aid application process. We expect to complete our review process by November 1, 2017. At that time, you will receive notification that your 2017-2018 award and potential LIPP eligibility has been finalized.

Please be sure to only submit this form ONCE. If after submitting the form you wish to make corrections, please email

Definition of Summer

  • ENTERING (Class of 2020) Students – Summer is defined as the period between June 1, 2017 and August, 31, 2017.
  • RETURNING/CONTINUING and NEWLY ADMITTED TRANSFER (Class of 2019) Students – Summer is defined as the period between the last day of classes for 2016-2017 and the first day of classes for 2017-2018.

Income Documentation/Pay Stub or Volunteer Form Requirements

While ALL STUDENTS must complete this web form, the following explains which groups of students must also submit documentation of their earnings IN ADDITION TO THIS WEB FORM.

  • ENTERING Students (Class of 2020):
    • Gross (before taxes) Income Less than $10,000 — All entering 1Ls who reported that they will earn summer income less than $10,000 during the summer of 2017 are generally NOT required to submit summer income documentation or pay stubs since their income is, in most cases, not substantial enough to impact their aid. However, please note that this is not an absolute. SFS reserves the right to require entering students to document their summer earnings reported on this form with a paystub or other documentation from an employer. If it is determined that we need this documentation, a member of the HLS Student Financial Services staff will contact you directly via email.
    • Gross (before taxes) Income Greater than $10,000 — All entering 1Ls who reported that they will earn summer income in excess of $10,000 during the summer of 2017 must comply with the same income documentation/pay stub requirements as outlined BELOW for returning and transfer students. In this case, you will already see the Final Pay Stub/Volunteer Form document on your required list. If you did not originally report you would make more than $10,000 during the summer of 2017 but you actually did, you should also submit a Final Pay Stub for your employment because IT WILL BE REQUIRED once we review your income information as reported on the Summer Update Web Form and see you earned greater than the $10,000 threshold.
    • Coming from a Full-Time Job — Entering students who had a full-time job that continued into the summer of 2017 and who earned more than $10,000 during the summer of 2017 should be sure to annotate their pay stub(s)/documentation in such a way that clarifies which portion of any year-to-date earnings was earned prior to June 1st and what income was earned after June 1st. This can be done by attaching a note to the paystub with the breakdown specifics.
    • Paid Employment (NON-SPIF JOBS) — All returning/continuing students and new transfer students must submit their FINAL paystub(s) from ALL summer 2017 employers directly to HLS Student Financial Services. The final pay stub from each employer must clearly display your name, your total gross earnings, and the pay period end date (which must be equal to or after your last day of work). If for some reason the final pay stub(s) is not obtainable, you will need to contact SFS to request a form (in PDF format) that you can download and give to your employer(s) to complete in lieu of an actual paystub.
    • Volunteer Work (NON-SPIF JOBS) — Students doing volunteer work must also document their work. However, in lieu of a pay stub, they should submit have their employer/supervisor complete and submit our Volunteer Summer Employment Verification Form (PDF).
    • SPIF Recipients — Returning/continuing students who were awarded money from the HLS Summer Funding Program DO NOT need to provide income documentation for their SPIF JOB as we have access to this data in our summer funding records. SPIF recipients who split their summers working between a SPIF JOB and some other type of NON-SPIF employment must submit a final pay stub(s) for their  NON-SPIF JOB

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: September 12, 2017 5:00PM

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