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This web form is used to decrease or cancel an approved loan. An approved loan is one that currently exists as part of your financial aid package on the “Award” tab of “My HLS Financial Aid.”

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS (Read carefully before submitting form):

  • You must submit this form ONCE PER loan you wish to have reduced or cancelled.
  • If you have been awarded HLS need-based grant assistance, you CANNOT reduce ANY portion of your base loan package (which is $49,800 for 2017-18) which includes required supplemental base loan borrowing of at least $23,000. If you have extraordinary circumstances which you think warrant a reduction to one of these loans, you should submit the HLS Appeal Form and explain your situation in detail to the Financial Aid Appeal Committee on that form. Only submit this form if and when your appeal is approved
  • You CANNOT use this web form to request a new loan or to increase the amount of a Direct Stafford, Direct GradPLUS, or any other supplemental loan. If you wish to apply for a new loan, you need to follow the steps outlined in the Managing Your Loans section of our website.

Please note: The form below is based on javascript. If you are unable to view the form, please make sure your browser is javascript enabled. In Safari, please be sure to scroll to the bottom of the form to click submit.