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This web form is used to submit an appeal of your financial aid award, to report changes in your circumstances that may affect your financial aid award and/or to request a re-evaluation of your award, budget, or assessed contribution.

  • You MUST report the following changes to the Student Financial Services Office when they occur:
    • Changes in your marital status (marriage, separation, divorce, etc.)
    • Changes in your spouse’s employment
    • Changes in your siblings’ school enrollment status
    • Receipt of new outside scholarships, fellowships, and awards or changes to a previously reported one.
    • Increases in assets in excess of $3,000 (including, but not limited to, gifts, inheritance, insurance payouts, proceeds from the sale of a house, or prize winnings)
  • You MAY use this form to request a reevaluation of your award, budget, or contribution based on the following circumstances:
    • Change in student family size resulting from the birth or adoption of a child
    • Out of pocket student medical/dental expenses
    • Unexpected student travel expenses resulting from a family or other emergency
    • High student living expenses
    • Out of pocket parent medical/dental expenses
    • Change in parent financial circumstances or employment
    • Change in parent marital status
    • Ability to live below budget or availability of additional resources, and therefore request to decrease base loan (grant recipients only). A maximum reduction of $4,000 in base loan borrowing is allowed if documentation warrants the adjustment.
    • Other reason not listed above

Although you should always feel free to make an appointment to discuss any circumstances affecting your financial stability with a member of our staff, the SFS office is not usually in the position to approve appeals based on the following:

  • Wedding-Related Expenses
  • Additional living expense money for an unemployed spouse, roommate or other family member
  • Expenses related to extra-curricular travel or activities (i.e. attending a conference)
  • Private school tuition for school-age dependents
  • Consumer debt
  • Car Ownership Expenses

Please use the Budget Adjustment Request Form to request a budget change based on the following circumstances:

  • Computer Related Expenses
  • Health Insurance Change
  • Professional Attire Expenses
  • August Rent (1Ls only)
  • Clerkship Travel Expenses

Note: Additional documentation may be required to process your request; please refer to the notes in the form below and follow up with any requests made by your financial aid officer should they request additional information after reviewing your web form submission

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