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Submit the following to complete the requirement for C-Corporations

  1. This web form (Parent Business/Farm Web Form) for each C-Corporation that your household has any % of ownership in (figures should be reported in US currency)
  2. A signed copy of each business/farm’s 2016 U.S. Federal Business Tax Form 1120 and all of its Schedules/Statements via the SFS Secure Upload


HLS requires student aid applicants to provide financial information regarding all parents, including biological parents, step-parents, adoptive parents, and legal guardians, even in cases where parents are divorced. After documents are submitted, the HLS Financial Aid Committee will determine the appropriate information that will be incorporated into the parent resource assessment.

This document is listed as required because the student indicated on his/her HLS  Main Online Institutional Application that your household had ownership in a C-Corporation. If you feel this document is listed in error, please contact our office:

The above information is required because the student is applying for HLS need-based grant assistance. Understanding the financial circumstances of businesses/farms is a critical component of our ability to make accurate, complete and fair determinations of need-based aid eligibility to our students. We recognize that we require a lot of detailed information from families who are involved in businesses/farms and it usually involves a lot of communication with SFS. Past experience has shown us that no two businesses/farms are the same and there are few universals that can be applied to all businesses/farms uniformly.

Our primary goals through this process are twofold:

  1. We want to get an in-depth understanding of the recent and current cash flow within all businesses/farms in which your household is involved, and;
  2. We want to arrive at an appropriate and fair net worth in today’s dollars for all businesses/farms in which your household is involved.

We appreciate your help and patience as we work hard to try and get the data we need to offer the student the best and fairest aid package possible.

A special note for step-parent(s)

If a particular business/farm in question is the primary work activity of the step-parent, we will not use the income generated from this business/farm in the determination of the student’s eligibility for need based aid since we do not include step-parents’ income in our analysis. However we still need to collect complete tax data and asset information on these businesses/farms because we do factor the net worth of all parental assets (including the net worth of any businesses/farms) into our determination of aid eligibility. Our policy is to compile total net worth and then divide it in half to remove the 50% that belongs to the step-parent.


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  • We suggest you read through the form before you begin to determine what back up data you need to have ready in order to successfully complete the entire form in one session.
  • We estimate it will take between 20 and 30 minutes for you to complete this form depending on your specific circumstances.
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