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  • Financial Aid Application Process

    If you are approved for the program, you will spend your third year at Berkeley enrolled as a Berkeley Exchange student. HLS Student Financial Services will be responsible for processing your financial aid as you will still be considered a Harvard Law School student. You will apply for aid  in the same manner as in your previous years here at HLS.

  • Your Student Account

    You will receive two bills: one from Harvard and one from Berkeley.

    • On your Harvard bill, you will be charged the full HLS tuition minus the Berkeley Exchange program fee, which for the 2019-2020 academic year is $2836.50 (or $1,418.25 per semester). Additionally, Harvard will charge you both the Harvard University Health Service fee (HUHS) and the Harvard Student Health Insurance Program (HUSHP a.k.a. Blue Cross/Blue Shield) fee. In order to waive the HUHS fee you will need to take action and contact the Harvard University insurance office. If you have appropriate medical coverage, you may also waive the Harvard Student Health Insurance Program (HUSHP) fee by going to the same web site.
      • Please note that under Federal student aid regulations, an allowance for the Harvard Student Health Insurance Plan may be included in the student’s budget only for students who enroll in the plan. For students who waive this coverage and instead take Berkeley’s insurance, the budget will be adjusted to the amount charged by Berkeley. Students may request upon appeal to have the documented cost of an alternate health insurance plan for which the student pays added to the student’s budget. We will not cover two insurance charges if you forget to waive the ones offered by Harvard and are paying the one offered by Berkeley.
    • Your Berkeley bill will consist of five budget categories: the class pass, the campus fee, the law materials fee, the Student Services fee and the non-waiveable Berkeley institutional health insurance for a total of $2836.50 (or $1,418.25 per semester).

    If your HLS financial aid (grants and/or loans) exceeds your HLS billed expenses on your Harvard student account, you can email us at and request that a payment be made to Berkeley for the exchange program fee ($1,418.25 per semester in 2019-20). We will cut a check to Berkeley in mid-August and again in mid-January, in time to meet your payment deadlines. You will need to pay Berkeley directly for any other charges incurred by them, such as dormitory, board, etc.

  • Your Student Budget

    Your budget will be increased by $1,500 to compensate for the extra expenses related to this program of study. This increase is eligible for grant assistance, if applicable. Additionally, the tuition category will be lower and you will have an additional budget category called Berkeley Exchange Program Fee. See 2019-2020 example below:

    19-20 Standard Academic Budget 19-20 Berkeley Exchange Budget
    Tuition $65,875 Tuition $63,038.50
    Harvard Health fee $1,206 * Berkeley Health fee Included in Berkeley Exchange Fee *
    Harvard Health Insurance $3,700 * Berkeley Insurance $5,240 *
    Books & Supplies $1,375 Books $1,375
    Rm/Board/Personal $25,419 Rm/Board/Personal $25,419
    Travel Allowance $1,625 Travel Allowance $1,625
    Berkeley Exchange Program Fee $2,836.50
    Berkeley Allowance $1,500
    Total: $99,200  Total: $100,034*

    *The total budget amount will decrease if a student waives one or both of the Harvard and/or Berkeley health insurances. Students who waive their Harvard University Student Health fee will also see a decrease in their overall budget. Berkeley’s Health fee is included in the exchange program fee.

  • Student Contribution and Summer Work Requirement

    You will be held to the same work requirement the summer before you enroll at Berkeley as in previous years. See the Student Contribution from Summer Income section of this web site for details on the summer work requirement.

  • Cash Advances and Refunds

    If you are eligible to receive a cash advance, you will receive it in mid-August and mid-December. All students in the exchange program are required to have direct deposit set up with the Student Accounts Office in order to receive their cash advance and refunds via the direct deposit system. If you have not yet set up direct deposit, please log in to your student account and follow the direct deposit enrollment instructions here.

  • Other Considerations

    • Mandatory Meeting: You will need to attend a meeting with Student Financial Services prior to leaving HLS  at the end of your 2L year.
    • Graduation Requirements: In April of your last semester at Berkeley, we will contact you regarding an Exit Interview. The Exit Interview is required for all graduating students. You will receive materials via the web and conduct your Exit Interview over the phone with a Financial Aid Officer.

    For more program-specific details, contact the Dean of Students Office.