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The standard student budget applies to all students without children. Married students are able to request an increase to their student budget to cover the cost of purchasing spousal health insurance through the Harvard University Student Health Insurance Plan (HUSHIP).

This budget increase allows a student to obtain additional loans which are LIPP Eligible but does not increase eligibility for HLS Grants. To request an increase to your budget for spouse HUSHIP coverage you must submit the Adjustment Form found within the SFS Self-Service Portal. Unfortunately, due to federal regulations, outside health insurance for a spouse may not be added to the student’s budget if there are no children in the household.

The student budget for students with children varies depending on each family’s circumstances. Factors include the number of adults in the household, if a married student’s spouse is also a full-time student, the number of children in the household, and the out-of-pocket cost for health insurance.

The sample student budgets provided below presume a child born before June 1 of the academic year. If your child will be born after June 1 of the academic year, please see the Special Circumstances webpage about adding a new family member mid-Academic Year.

Student Medical Expenses Policies Waive Health Insurance Enroll Dependents in Health Insurance