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JD students may appeal to Student Financial Services for a reevaluation of their aid offer, student budget, or family contribution based on a change of circumstances. You might request a reevaluation for one of the following reasons, using the Adjustment Form located in the SFS Portal.

Other changes during the academic year may also affect your financial aid package. You MUST report the following changes to the Student Financial Services Office when they occur, using the Adjustment Form located in the SFS Portal:

  • Changes in your marital status (marriage, separation, divorce, etc.)
  • Changes in your spouse’s employment
  • Changes in your health insurance (e.g. changing insurance plans, adding or dropping dependent coverage, etc)
  • Changes in your siblings’ school enrollment status
  • Receipt of new outside scholarships, fellowships, and awards or changes to a previously reported one.
  • Increases in assets in excess of $3,000 (including, but not limited to, gifts, inheritance, insurance payouts, proceeds from the sale of a house, or prize winnings)

You should always feel free to make an appointment by emailing to discuss any circumstances affecting your financial stability with a member of our staff. While we will do everything possible to help you identify your options, under applicable student aid regulations Student Financial Services is not usually able to approve appeals based on the following:

  • Wedding-related expenses
  • Additional living expense money for an unemployed spouse, roommate or other family member
  • Expenses related to extra-curricular travel or activities (e.g. attending a conference)
  • Private school tuition for school-age dependents
  • Consumer debt
  • Car ownership expenses