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Our Philosophy

The financial aid program at Harvard Law School has two central goals: to help make a legal education accessible to every student in the JD program through need-based aid, and to preserve the broadest range of career options for graduates through need-based loan repayment assistance (the Low Income Protection Plan, or LIPP).

Your Ethical Responsibility

Harvard Law School is committed to the equitable distribution of need-based aid. Central to this process is the expectation that financial information submitted by applicants is both true and complete.

Assessed Student & Parent Resources

We assess both student and parent financial resources in order to equitably and fairly distribute our limited institutional grant funds to those with the greatest financial need.

Consideration of Parent Resources

For a given academic year, parent financial information is required from all applicants for HLS Grant assistance who have not reached the age of 29 by September 1. The parental resource assessment may be reduced based on the student’s age.

International Students

International students are eligible to apply for HLS need-based grant and loan assistance and financial aid awards are determined using the same need-based approach that applies to students who are U.S. citizens.

Married Students and Students with Dependents

Financial aid packages for married students may be adjusted to expect a contribution from the spouse, depending on the spouse’s earnings. Financial aid packages for students with dependents take into account the costs of caring for children.

Joint Degree and Study Away Programs

There are a number of joint degree and study away programs at HLS that will enhance your experience, knowledge and skills.