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Harvard Law School’s commitment to public service includes the generous loan repayment assistance and summer public interest funding described below, along with the largest and most established public interest advising office, and the broadest and most varied set of clinical programs offered by any law school.

Low Income Protection Plan

The Low Income Protection Plan (LIPP) is Harvard Law School’s loan repayment assistance program (LRAP). LIPP allows graduates to choose from a broad range of public and private sector career options without delaying or deferring the repayment of their educational loans. LIPP covers all public sector jobs, and law-related jobs private sector jobs.

Summer Public Interest Funding

Student Financial Services provides Summer Public Interest Funding (SPIF) for students who choose to work in unpaid/underpaid public interest jobs during the summers after their 1L and/or 2L years. You do not have to be a financial aid recipient to receive funding.

Public Service Venture Fund

The Harvard Law School Public Service Venture Fund awards $1 million in grants every year to help graduating students pursue careers in public service.