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Set Yourself Apart

Set Yourself Apart

The interview is your chance to differentiate yourself as a candidate. There is no better way to practice interviewing than through networking. Building your networking and meeting attorneys is not only a great way to learn about firms and the profession, but it is also an essential skill in a relationship-based industry like the law.

Interviews and Networking Podcasts

Interviews and Networking Podcasts

Title Date Length Format
Headshot of Jodie Smith

Professional Networking: The Art of Mingling

Jodi Smith, Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting

22:54 Audio Play

10 Tricky Interview Questions

Mark Weber, Assistant Dean for Career Services

Summer Podcast Series

29:59 Audio Play

Callback Interviews

Yih-hsien Shen, JD Advisor

Summer Podcast Series

16:53 Audio Play

Acing 1L Interviews

Office of Public Interest Advising

Office of Career Services

45:20 Video Play