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The M: drive is used to create a secure method to share high risk sensitive data between departments at Harvard Law School.

Get Microsoft Windows Operating System Instructions

Get Mac OS X Operating System Instructions

Microsoft Operating System

When you are connected to the HLS network, a shared network drive labeled M:\ will connect automatically.

Note: This folder structure was designed to allow for the sharing of sensitive data between departments. It is not a replacement for your department’s R:\ drive.

To share files with other groups, use the following steps:

    1. In Windows 7, double-click the Computer icon on your desktop and double-click on the M:\ drive; in Windows 10, click on your Windows icon, open File Explorer, and then click on the M drive in the left navigation window.M drive screen shot
    1. Locate and open your department’s shared folder by navigating the folder structure
    2. In Windows 7, create a new folder within your department’s shared folder by selecting “New Folder” from the menu bar; in Windows 10, creating a new folder is done by clicking the folder icon that will be on the topmost bar of the window.

M: drive screen shot

    1. When the new folder has been created, type a name that is descriptive and meaningful
      Note: For security purposes you can not create or place files in your department’s main folder. You MUST create a new folder and grant access.
    2. Add permissions on the folder to allow others to access the files that will be stored in this folder.
    3. Right-click on the folder and select Properties. The Properties dialog will be displayed.
    4. M drive new folder properties dialog box
    5. Click on the Security tab and click the Edit button
      Note: When a new folder is created, the folder’s creator is the only person with access
      Note: To ensure that you can control your folder give yourself “Full Control”
    6. M drive folder security dialog box
    7. When you click Add, the Select Users, Computers, or Groups dialog message will be displayed.
    8. Enter the name(s) of the person(s) you wish to share files within the dialog box.
      Note: to add multiple people at one time, use a semi-colon (;) to separate their names just as you would in Outlook
    9. M drive add user accounts dialog box
    10. Click OK to add the users to the security of the folder.
    11. The default permissions for others accessing files in your folder is read only.  This will allow others to open and view the contents of the files in your folder but not make or save changes.  If you want the people to be able to change, edit, or add files in the folder, highlight the user, and select Edit.

M drive security dialog box with new users

  1. Communicate the new M: drive folder path to the people who need access by sending an email to the appropriate users with the full path of the folder, e.g. M:\Administration\ITS\<New Folder Name>
    Note: <New Folder Name> is the name of the folder that was created in Step 3
  2. You can now copy or save files to this folder just as you would your R:\ drive
    Note: It is the responsibility of the data owner to remove folders and files when they no longer need to be shared.

Mac OS X Operating System

Note: You CANNOT edit/add any permission to the folders using Mac OS. If you wish to do so, log on to any Windows OS computer and make the changes using the instructions above.

    1. On the Apple menu, click Go > Connect to server
    2. In the Server Address field, enter the following information: cifs://$

Connect to server dialog box

  1. Click the + button to add this server address to the list of your favorite servers.
  2. Click Connect
  3. Enter the following, then click Connect:

Name: HLS\<username> (<username> is your Harvard Law School domain username)

Password: (this is your Harvard Law School domain password)

Connect to server login dialog box

The window for the Secure File Sharing Drive will open