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The purpose of this document is to educate and guide HLS community members through the process for reporting a lost or stolen mobile device.


  1. Inform your manager that the laptop or other mobile device has been lost or stolen.
  2. Call the ITS Service Desk at  617-495-0722 to declare that a Harvard owned device has been misplaced, lost or stolen.
    1. Include a brief description of how the device was lost or stolen to enable appropriate security remediation procedures.
  3. If theft occurred on campus, notify Harvard University Police: 617-495-1212 or 617-495-1215.
  4. If theft occurred off campus, file a police report with the local police where the theft occurred.  Note: you will need a copy of the police report to file an insurance claim.
  5. Report the loss to Harvard University Insurance Department (617-495-8668), and include the police report with claim.
  6. A member of HLS ITS will discuss with you the contents of your laptop.  The presence of Confidential or High Risk Confidential Information will require filing a report to OGC.  The definitions of High Risk Confidential Information and Confidential Information are listed below.

High Risk Confidential Information (Level 4)

High-Risk Confidential Information includes a person’s name in conjunction with the person’s Social Security, credit or debit card, individual financial account, driver’s license, state ID, or passport number, or a name in conjunction with biometric information about the named individual. High-risk confidential information also includes human subject information and personally identifiable medical information.


Confidential Information includes information protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), to the extent such information is not covered under HRCI, including non-directory student information and directory information about students who have requested a FERPA block; HUIDs when associated with names or any other information that could identify individuals; Harvard personnel records; Harvard institutional financial records; individual donor information; other personal information protected under state, federal and foreign privacy laws and not classified in Level 4 or 5.