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The purpose of this information is to assist the Department Administrator or Supervisor in the departure process when an employee leaves his or her current position and department. This checklist is a guide and, while not all-inclusive, will better ensure a timely off-boarding.


General Information: Once ITS receives the account termination from HR, we will reach out to discuss computer and phone assets. If you have questions about the ITS portion of this checklist, or require assistance, please contact the Service Desk via the HLS Administrative Services Hub ASAP, but no later than 5 business days before the employee’s departure.

  • Collect any HLS owned computer equipment
    • If the individual is working remotely, please provide ITS the home address and phone number of the departing employee. A box with a pre-paid return shipping label will be sent so they can return their computer to ITS
  • Work with employee to transfer data from their OneDrive or local files to the departmental network drive
    • OneDrive data, email, and voicemail are deleted one day after departure date
    • Local data cannot be accessed after the departure date without HR or employee’s consent
    • Computer’s user profile is removed and stored by ITS for 6 weeks after the departure date
  • If the employee is the owner of any shared resources such as are listed below, please modify ownership
    • Folders on the M: drive
    • Forms in the Forms tool (
    • eFax account
    • Zoom Webinar account
  • If employee manages another user’s calendar/email, please assist with transferring permissions
  • If employee owns/uses specialized/purchased software such as Adobe Creative Cloud, contact the Service Desk to modify ownership or install on another user’s computer
  • If you would like an out-of-office message for email/voicemail prior to employee’s departure, set up as soon as possible as this will be deactivated at time of departure
  • Instruct employee to remove any personal information from all HLS systems
  • If a temp or permanent replacement will be hired for this position, please fill out an onboarding form located here: ITS Onboarding Form


  • If the employee has keys that need to be transferred to another employee (i.e. replacement) or returned to Facilities, contact Facilities to ensure proper tracking occurs under the manager’s name/department key account (Note: employees may return their keys in the locked, red key drop box attached to the exterior of Holmes Hall, just to the left of the front door, enclosed in an envelope with their name and office number on it)
  • If the employee is transferring to another department within Harvard, contact Facilities to remove HLS card access, and to ensure proper tracking occurs under the manager’s name/department
  • Key(s) and card access tracking and updating are vital to ensuring our campus’ safety, and we thank you in advance for your attention to both of these items during the off-boarding process


  • Collect and destroy P-Card and/or corporate card
  • Inform Finance to discontinue cards
  • Ensure any recurring payments are transferred to a new/different card
  • Ensure all outstanding P-Card and/or corporate card transactions are supported with receipts and business purpose
  • Review/discuss any possible pending charges, collect signatures and receipts necessary for the department to reconcile these items
  • Ensure any out of pocket expenses are reviewed and submitted

For questions on Facilities and Finance items, please contact the appropriate department.