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Web Publishing provides a method for HLS faculty and staff to create and post web pages to the HLS website via WordPress.

Available To

Faculty and Staff

Standard Features

  • Creation and update of web pages
  • Upload and link images to web pages
  • Predefined content templates to speed web page creation and suit a variety of content display needs
  • Ability to build navigation between pages and sections to provide easily navigated content
  • HTTPS securing and login requirements for requested pages and content

Optional Features

Instruction in web content best practices and how to use WordPress effectively (provided by the Office of Communications).

Using This Service

Get this service

Beginners should contact the Office of Communications to be approved for access to WordPress, then ITS will set up their access. Training opportunities on how to use WordPress are available from the Office of Communications.

Get Help

Contact the Office of Communications

Service Hours

WordPress is available for content editing and creation 24/7.  Help with creating and editing content is available 9:00AM – 5:00PM, Monday – Friday.


No cost

Legal/Regulatory Compliance

Generally speaking, little to no security related information should be available through WordPress. Embedded forms may have security concerns on a case by case basis. See the Harvard Enterprise Security Policy at