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ITS will purchase most hardware, including computers, printers, and monitors, as requested.  ITS technicians will work with you to determine your needs and provide pricing, where applicable.  If the computer equipment is for personal use, please visit AppleDell and CDWG to get academic pricing.

Desktops and laptops provided by ITS will be standard hardware configurations determined by ITS.  The replacement cycle for hardware provided by ITS is as follows:

  • All desktops will be replaced on a 4 year cycle
  • Staff laptops will be replaced on a 4 year cycle
  • Faculty laptops will be replaced on a 3 year cycle
  • Monitors and printers will be replaced as needed

Available To

Faculty and Staff

Standard Features

  • Improved reliability and usability in HLS computing environment
  • Ensure operational compatibility with HLS standards and best practices
  • Supported set of hardware and software configurations
  • Educational and tax exempt pricing where possible

Optional Features

  • Custom computer configurations are available to faculty.  The price difference between the standard cost and the custom cost must be paid for out of faculty allowance.
  • Custom computer configurations are available to restricted departments with a hardware budget
  • In some select instances, computer components can be upgraded post-deployment (RAM, Hard drive, etc.)
  • Non-standard hardware requests must be approved by ITS

User Requirements

A bill code is required for any purchases not covered by ITS (see pricing section below). In these cases, orders will not be placed without a correct 33-digit bill code.

Using This Service

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Get Help

Contact the ITS Service Desk

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Service Hours

8:30AM – 5:30PM, Monday – Friday


ITS covers the cost of the following for faculty and unrestricted department staff, per replacement cycle:

  • One standard computer and two monitors
    • Please note that a second monitor will only be provided with the deployment of a new computer, either for a net-new setup or an upgrade
  • One printer per faculty member
  • Department printers
  • One office phone

Standard hardware costs for all others can be obtained by contacting the ITS Service Desk. The ITS Service Desk can also provide custom configuration pricing.