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IMPORTANT: Read and follow these instructions very carefully; if you miss a step, you’ll be unable to print.

  1. Download the PaperCut installer and let the PaperCut MF Client run and install to completion. It will run and complete automatically.You should then see the app running below:screen shot of papercut MF Client installer
    NOTE: Windows Defender SmartScreen may prevent the app from starting. If you see the blue pop-up as pictured below, simply click More Info followed by Run anyway.screen shot of the "windows protected your PC" blue screen
  2. Click the Start Menu Image result for start menu icon windows 10 and search for PaperCut MF Client.screen shot of the papercut MF Client desktop app
  3. Click on PaperCut MF Client. Allow the Windows configuration to complete.screen shot of the papercut MF Client installer progress bar
  4. A log in window should appear. Enter your LDAP username and password:
  5. You should now have everything you need to print. You can double check by opening up Printers and Scanners in System Settingsand making sure you see HLS_BW_Ricoh and HLS_Color_Ricoh listed in the printers.


First, make sure the PaperCut client is running. You may see the green icon in your system tray, and the client window in the bottom right corner of your desktop.

Screen shot of task bar, papercut icon emphasized in a red box

If it is not running, you will need to start the application. Search for PaperCut MF Client and click on that to open it.

When you send a job to a printer after installing and running Papercut, you’ll be asked for your HLS Me (LDAP) username and password. “For this job only” is all that is allowed in the “Remember:” field, which means you’ll need to enter your credentials for each print job you send.

screen shot of papercut login popup

After sending the job and successfully authenticating, you will see a message indicating that your document is being sent to the queue. A pop-up will display over your system tray indicating the job was sent to the queue.

screen shot of the papercut attention required pop up

You can either scan your ID card through the card swipe on the printer or enter your HLS Me (LDAP) credentials on the printer screen after pressing the “Username and Password” soft button. Once you do that, you will need to select which job(s) to release and print from the printer screen. You will not be charged until the job is released at the printer.

*Please note: You can only release a color job at a color printer and a black and white job at a black and white printer. See student printer locations here.