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When any faculty or staff leave HLS, ITS will work with the faculty member or the staff person’s manager to determine offboarding needs.

Available To

Faculty and Staff

Standard Features

ITS provides:

  • Data backup (user profile)
  • Email archive and backup, if requested
  • Account deprovisioning
  • Decommission of software
  • Hardware clean up

Using This Service

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After HR submits the offboarding request to the Administrative Services Hub, the manager or department contact will receive an email with a link to the offboarding/transfer form, which should be filled out as quickly as possible to help the offboarding or transfer process go smoothly.  The email also lists assets, such as computer equipment, furniture, keys, etc., that the departing employee needs to return to HLS.

Please Note: Email accounts for all employees who are departing HLS will no longer have the option for post-employment forwarding or out-of-office notifications. All email accounts for departing users will be disabled at midnight on their last day. If your staff member needs assistance archiving their mailbox or providing any data to your department for use after their departure, please contact the ITS Service Desk prior to their last day.

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Service Hours

8:30AM – 5:30PM, Monday – Friday


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