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ITS offers two back-up services to users:

  1. We provide network drives (R:, S:, M:, etc.) and OneDrive where users can save HLS related files
  2. Faculty are also provided with Connected backup accounts, which can be used as an emergency backup for files saved to their computer’s C: drive rather than to a network drive

Available To

  • Connected – Faculty
  • Network drives – Faculty and Staff

Standard Features

  • Network drives are backed up multiple times a day and the backup is stored offsite for disaster recovery purposes
  • Users can restore network data that existed two weeks before the restore date (see Data Recovery)
  • Connected backs up the computer it is installed on daily, if the computer is powered on

User Requirements

  • Data must be placed on the network drive or, for Connected, computer must be powered on
  • Only HLS data is backed up

Using This Service

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Every user gets a OneDrive created for them when they start working at HLS.  R: drives are created for departments, and S: drives are automatically created for each faculty member and is shared with their faculty assistant.

Contact the ITS Service Desk to have Connected installed on an HLS owned computer.

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Get Help

Contact the ITS Service desk for file recovery or other questions regarding back-up services

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Also see Data Recovery for network data restoration options

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