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A technician will edit audio and video from both dedicated and automated non-class recordings.

Standard Features

Basic Editing – A technician will edit the beginning and ending of a recording to the exact start and end of event.

Optional Features

Intermediate Editing (includes Basic Editing service) – Next level of editing; a technician will fulfill requests to edit in PowerPoint slides, cut together a multi-camera production, mix audio for optimal consistency, remove portions of recording as requested by client and process audio to improve overall sound quality.

Advanced Editing (includes Basic and Intermediate Editing services) – Editing service for full-fledged video production. A technician will select best clips from a variety of takes and edit them together in a non-linear fashion. Graphics packages can be created specifically for video. High-level audio mixing and processing will also be included.

User Requirements

Editing services are available for all non-curriculum recordings. The requestor must provide any extra media (PowerPoint slides, logos for graphics packages, etc.) for Intermediate and Advanced editing services.

For HLS faculty, staff, and students, the service must be requested via the myrooms website at least 3 business days in advance of event.

For external customers and Harvard affiliates the service must be requested via phone at least 3 business days in advance of event.

Using This Service

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Service Hours

8:00AM – 10:00PM, Monday – Saturday


A/V Equipment and Pricing Page (see VIDEO PRODUCTION / EDITING heading)

Legal/Regulatory Compliance

Digital Millennium Copyright Act, FERPA, Massachusetts Statute 272 Section 99 (wiretap law)