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Recording Policy

Class Recording Policy

Non-Class and Event Recordings

  • HLS faculty, staff and HLS student organizations must request the service at least 3 full business days before the non-curriculum event.
  • HLS Faculty, staff and student organizations may request to have non-class events recorded when submitting their room request online.
  • Cost: Non-class recordings incur charges; please see the A/V Equipment and Services Pricing  for exact pricing.

Publication of Recordings

  • Class recordings due to religious holidays are made available to the entire class via the course website. Please note that faculty members reserve the right to remove any links from course websites at any time.
  • It generally takes two business days excluding Saturdays and Sundays for Information Technology Services to process and post links for streaming media.
  • All class-related digital audio recordings will be posted in the course website or delivered to the associated department (special permission may be required).
  • All streaming media will be removed and backed up after three academic years from the academic year of creation. Information Technology Services must be notified at the time a request is submitted to extend the lifecycle of streaming media for longer than three years.  Instances requiring media storage longer then the default lifespan will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and may incur additional hosting costs to the requesting department or organization.
  • Information Technology Services is not responsible for hardship encountered with expired audio and video links, if adequate lifespan consideration was not made at the time of the recording request.
  • Although HLS makes every effort to ensure the security of recordings, any recording made by Information Technology Services could potentially be downloaded, copied, manipulated and/or redistributed.

Equipment Responsibility

  • At a scheduled event, the event organizers are responsible for the equipment between the beginning and ending times, even if our technicians deliver and take it away. If your event takes place outside the hours of operation, you are responsible for all equipment.
  • You will be billed for all damages or theft not covered by insurance.
  • Equipment is to be used on the HLS campus only.

Exclusive Service Provider

Harvard Law School Information Technology Services is the exclusive Audiovisual service provider for all Law School facilities. No lighting or other special equipment may be installed or used without the prior consent of Harvard’s Representative. Provision of AV services or equipment by other providers is not permitted. User shall pay all fees of Information Technology Services, which are included as part of this Agreement. Requests should be submitted at least 3 business days in advance (2 weeks for larger conferences).

Charges and Billing

A summary of all charges and expenses associated with the Audio/Visual needs of an event will be shown on the client’s confirmation.  Each service provider will provide a separate confirmation prior to the event.

Information Technology Services Fees:

  • Academic events requiring A/V support that are directly tied to a course ID are discounted 100%.
  • Student Organizations will receive a 50% discount on all A/V services during service hours.
  • All services related to non-Academic events (events not directly tied to a course ID) provided for HLS faculty, staff, Harvard University employees and external organizations are charged to the sponsoring group or faculty member, based upon current rates.
  • Information Technology Services will charge all clients the full hourly rate for dedicated technicians for events held outside of normal service hours.
  • To see Information Technology Services rates, click here.

Information Technology Services Cancellation Policies

Cancellations of reservations will be accepted without penalty up to 3:00 PM, two business days prior to the event.
Cancellations of reservations after 3:00 PM, two business days before the event will incur fees from the various HLS service providers.

  • Information Technology Services will charge all clients the full fee for all resources scheduled for ‘No Shows’, events that were not cancelled and the service providers were not informed in advance.
  • Information Technology Services will charge all clients $26 for cancellations after 3:00 PM, two business days prior to the event.
  • All required class activities are not charged for A/V equipment and services.  Class is defined as anything required in order to receive a grade. Typically, if your room was assigned by the registrar’s office it is considered a class. If you need assistance determining whether your event is considered a class, please call 617-495-4840.
  • Non-class events requests for A/V equipment are billed based on our pricing structure.
  • Student Organizations officially recognized by the Dean of Students Office are eligible for a 50% discount on equipment only. Labor fees are not subject to a discount.
  • For pricing and polices associated with audiovisual equipment, including web casting and video conferencing, please see A/V Equipment and Services Pricing.
  • For internal groups, the billing code provided at the time of request will be charged for all equipment and services used. After your event, you will receive an invoice and the charges will be submitted to the Financial Office for processing. If after you receive your invoice you wish to change your billing code, contact the Financial Office.
  • If you believe there is a discrepancy with charges contact the ITS Service Desk at 617-495-0722.

Large Event Planning

  • If you have a conference or a large event coming up, please include Information Technology Services and the Office of Events Scheduling and Support in the pre-planning so they can guide you to the rooms with facilities that best meet your event’s needs.  For larger events or conferences, a two week lead time is recommended otherwise services may not be guaranteed and may incur additional fees.
  • If you have an event that requires a computer and Information Technology Services is not providing the computer, please inform the IT Service Desk at least one week prior so they can help you register the computer on the HLS network.


What you Need to Know Before Scheduling a Videoconference:

  • If you would like to schedule a Videoconference at Harvard Law School you need to schedule a space and contact the ITS Service Desk (617-495-0722) at least one week in advance of the actual videoconference.
  • Before you schedule the room and videoconference call there is some information you need to have:
    • Contact name and number for whoever will be handling the call at the far end; whether the call will be SIP, IP or ISDN (see below for description).
    • Who will be initiating the call (will we be calling them or will they be calling us).
    • How many people will be involved in the videoconference on both ends of the call.
  • Technology Support Services needs ONE WEEK notice before the videoconference is to happen. This time allows us to get in touch with the technicians on the far end and perform a test call.
  • Often these calls are overseas and a week’s notice is necessary to coordinate with those in other time zones or to alleviate any technical difficulties that arise in the test call.
  • There are three types of Video Conference connections; SIP, IP and ISDN. SIP, IP and ISDN determine how the signal will be sent. Information Technology Services requires bridging services from Harvard University Information Technology (HUIT) for any ISDN based Videoconferences.  HUIT requires a two week lead time to properly setup and test an ISDN connection.
  • Please note if your videoconference involves calling a courthouse, these locations tend to only allow ISDN calls. It is important to allow enough lead time with your request to set up appropriate bridging services, and perform test calls to ensure success on the day of your event.  Once the contact information is received and you know the type of video conference call you will require, you may proceed with scheduling the call with the Events office and Information Technology Services.


If you require teleconferencing equipment please include this in your audiovisual service request. Teleconferencing services are limited to one line. If you need to dial internationally, please obtain an international dialing code by contacting Lori Minichiello at 617-998-2336.  International calling rates will apply and require a 33-digit billing code when placing the request.


Webcasting requires a high-level of coordination and involves many pieces of equipment. To provide proper and appropriate planning, please provide at least one week’s notice.