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This page is used by managers who are preparing for any of the following situations. Please contact HR or Finance, as appropriate, to initiate the account creation process.

  • Hiring a full-time employee
  • Hiring a temporary/casual employee
  • Hiring a Visiting Scholar/Fellow
  • Bringing on a volunteer, or other affiliated person who will need computer access


The below chart explains the onboarding process for the different types of employees for which ITS typically provides accounts and equipment. Please note the policies listed at the bottom of the page, some of which have changed due to Office 365.

Affiliation Hire Processed By¹ ITS Onboarding Form Required² POI Required AD Credentials (Computer Login) Provided Full Account Information (Email, LDAP/HLS Me) Provided³
FTEs HR Yes No Via email to manager At weekly Monday orientation˜
Temps/LHTs HR Yes No Via email to manager At weekly Monday orientation
Contractors HR/Manager Only if accounts or equipment are needed Yes – provide confirmation email to HR & include it on onboarding formˆ Via email to manager At weekly Monday orientation
Research Assistants Finance Only if accounts or equipment are needed No Via interoffice mail Via interoffice mail
Fellows Finance Only if equipment is needed No Via interoffice mail Via interoffice mail


¹Please follow existing HR/Finance hiring processes

²The ITS Onboarding Form should be filled out by the Hiring Manager or their delegate, to ensure that requested accounts, phones, and equipment are deployed for employee’s start date

  • For Research Assistants, the Faculty Assistant may submit the form on behalf of their Faculty member
  • ITS will need to receive this form 5 business days in advance of start date, otherwise temporary accommodations will be provided
  • Accounts will not be provisioned until the onboarding form is received (if applicable) AND the new hire has provided all necessary documentation to HR/Finance

³It now takes 5 business days for Office 365 accounts to be created. Office 365 account information will not be available until 5 business days after the onboarding form and/or new hire documentation are received.

ˆA Person of Interest Form (POI) is required for accounts to be provided as Contractors are not employees of Harvard

˜All new FTEs, LHTs, temps, and contractors getting HLS accounts will be expected to attend the ITS Orientation on Mondays from 10:30 – 11:30 AM in B024. Managers will receive an email containing their new hire’s Active Directory credentials (computer login) and scheduled orientation date (their first Monday of work). New hires will be provided their full account information during the orientation. New hires who begin on a day other than Monday will be expected to attend the next scheduled orientation. Their full account information may be provided in advance of orientation as it becomes available. If a new hire is unable to attend their scheduled orientation, please let us know as soon as possible.

Onboarding for Faculty, Lecturers on Law, Visiting Professors, Climenko/Visiting Fellows, Clinical Interns/Volunteers, and Berkman Interns should continue to follow existing ITS spreadsheet processes