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Printing info for guest users.

All new and returning students may access their printing accounts to use the public print system at HLS. Please see the Printing Service page for more information.

Note: Students with existing student printing accounts may change their passwords here: HarvardKey password reset

Using the Print System

  1. Install the PaperCut client and print queues
    1. Windows 10 PaperCut client
    2. Mac OS X PaperCut client
  2. The PaperCut client must be running (you will see a PaperCut logo in your Windows system tray or in your Mac menu bar).  If it is not running, open the client.
  3. When you are at the page you want to print, initiate the printing process as you normally would (in most Windows applications: File => Print, or click on the printer icon in menu bar), and select one of the Ricoh PaperCut queues presented in the subsequent “Print” dialog box.
    1. HLS_BW_RICOH is the black and white public print queue
    2. HLS_COLOR_RICOH is the color public print queue
  4. You will next be presented with a dialog box asking you for “Username” (HLS Me username) and “Password” (HLS Me password). Note: HLS username is the same one you use to login into Helios. Passwords are case sensitive. Usernames are not.
  5. After successfully authenticating to the system, you will then be presented with a PaperCut message that your job has been sent to the queue.
  6. You can then retrieve your printout at any public multifunction device on the HLS Campus. When you get to the multifunction device, you must either swipe your Harvard ID card through the card swipe attached to the multifunction device or you can login on the printer screen. *Note: You can only retrieve black and white print jobs at a black and white multifunction device and color print jobs at a color multifunction device. Multifunction devices will be labeled as to whether they are black and white or color. You can see multifunction device locations here.
  7. After you login to the multifunction device, you can select the job(s) you would like to print.
  8. Log out of the multifunction device when you are done.

Printing Accounts

Student accounts

All returning or new students have accounts in the system. Returning students’ accounts are maintained until graduation. ITS automatically sets up printing accounts for all new students so there is no need to request an account.  Students who do not receive printing account information at registration should contact the ITS Service Desk in the basement of Wasserstein Hall (WCC B020).

Term Billing

Costs incurred by a student’s printing will show as a negative balance in PaperCut. To avoid a negative balance, use one of the self-service PaperCut value loaders. During the first week of every month, monthly charge balances greater than $1.00 are sent to Term Billing for billing to students. These charge balances are then reset to $0.00, before beginning tracking of the next month’s printing costs.

You can login to the PaperCut client on your computer (if installed) or the PaperCut web client to check your balance, delete jobs, and request a refund if a print job fails.

Guest accounts

Guest accounts are for anyone who is not a term-billed student at HLS who may need temporary printing services for several days or weeks (typically, visiting researchers). Guest accounts will be deleted after 6 months of inactivity.  The applicant pays cash in the amount of the expected printing requirements (must be $1 or more) and is given a username and a password. Guest accounts are nonrefundable.

These accounts may be created in two locations:

  • The ITS Service Desk located in the basement of Wasserstein Hall
  • The Circulation Desk located on the second floor of the Langdell Library

Printing Costs

Student and affiliate pricing below is based on the cost of the hardware and software that delivers the service. This pricing is significantly lower than those available externally:

Black-and-white laser output

  • $0.05 per simplex page
  • $0.02 per duplex page
  • We recommend printing double-sided to reduce your cost

Color laser output

  • $0.25 per simplex page
  • $0.12 per duplex page
  • We recommend printing double-sided to reduce your cost

* For your clinical work, only print to printers located in the clinics which are free.