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Setup OneDrive

  1. Log into the Microsoft account here:
  2. Upon Log in, you should see a list of applications, like in the example below:screen shot of the 0365 login page, the "One Drive" tile is selected
  3. Click on the OneDrive icon:"One Drive" icon
  4. At the next screen, Click “Your OneDrive is Ready”
  5. The next screen will take you to your Online OneDrive space. You can interact with files here and directly create and upload new files and folders. On the left bar, you can click on the following items:
    1. The Files tab will show all of your uploaded OneDrive files. You can create new files and edit existing ones using the Microsoft Online Apps. You can also download files directly, and share them with other users all using the OneDrive App.
    2. The Recent tab will show you a chronological list of files that you recently edited/uploaded.
    3. The Shared tab will show all of the Shared Documents. On the top tabs, this will breakdown into two categories:
      1. Shared with Me shows files that were shared with you by other users.
      2. Shared by Me shows any files you shared with others.
    4. The Recycle Bin tab will show any recently deleted files/folders. It will keep files here for 30 days, or until you delete from the Recycle Bin itself.Screen Shot of One Drive Online view, tabs labeled "Files, Recent, Shared, and Recycle Bin" are boxed in red to draw attention

      Download OneDrive