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ITS Support for HLS Clinics

ITS Support for HLS Clinics

The goal of the ITS department is to deliver legal practice technologies that allow staff and students the hands on experience necessary to become highly skilled lawyers.  As part of the clinical experience, students are beginning their practice of law and as such they have a primary responsibility for the representation of their clients.  ITS supports the clinics with the implementation of  specialized legal software used to effectively manage client records, which is an important component of a student’s work as a lawyer.


Additionally,  ITS supports the following clinics with specific legal applications and technologies:

  • Criminal Justice Institute
  • Harvard Immigration Program
  • Crimmigation
  • Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic
  • Environmental Law Program
  • Harvard Prison Legal Assistance Project
  • Harvard Defenders
  • Cyberlaw Clinic
  • Harvard Legal Aid Bureau
  • Tenant Advocacy Project
  • Harvard Mediation Program
  • Transactional Law Clinics
  • Harvard Negotiation &  Mediation Clinical Program
  • Trauma & Learning Policy Initiative
  • Human Rights Program
  • Wilmer Hale Legal Services Center