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  1. In Outlook, open the most recent email in the email chain

Pro Tip: Print the most recent email in an email chain to save the entire chain. You can wait until an email chain is mostly over to save the entire chain; you do not have to save each email individually. Save it as something like “2018.07.02 thru 2018.07.31 Emails w Client and social worker.”

  1. Click on the ellipses () and choose Print


  1. Select “Adobe PDF” in the print dialogue box

outlook print dialog box


  1. Choose your user folder, give the file a descriptive name, and click Save

Save pdf file as dialog box

  1. Open the pdf file you just created.  This is what your pdf file will look like:

email pdf file image

  1. Next, you want to upload the file into Time Matters. To do this, in Adobe Acrobat, choose Tools, File, and then TM Save

Acrobat tools menu image

  1. Fill out the all of the yellow portions of the form that comes up

TimeMatters document form add image

  • If you get the error message below, click OK and then choose your clinic name (Ex. “HLAB”)

timematters folder not found error image

  • IMPORTANT: Make sure the file name starts with “&[Matter No], not “r:”

timematters file name example image