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Training future women presidents

Teresa Clarke J.D. ’87 M.B.A. ’88 and Professor Ruth Okediji L.L.M. ’91 S.J.D. ’96 bring together four African heads of state to explore opportunities for the continent’s future advancement.

Combatting corruption

Professor Matthew Stephenson explains the myriad ways corruption may play a role in Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Explaining war crimes investigations

Amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine, international criminal prosecution expert Alex Whiting outlines the path from investigation to trial, and ultimately to justice.


Widely banned weapons

Lecturer on Law Bonnie Docherty says cluster munitions and other explosive weapons are particularly threatening Ukrainian civilians.

At Harvard, a growing focus on Islamic law

Professor Intisar Rabb discusses interpreting ancient principles for a new world.

Training international women’s rights advocates

Salma Waheedi partners with gender justice coalitions to advance legal equality in Muslim communities.


A movement that mattered

In a new book, Noah Feldman argues that despite the tragedies that followed it, the Arab Spring provided lessons and hope for a better future.

Advocating for human rights in Myanmar during COVID-19

Yee Htun speaks about respecting refugee rights in the midst of a global pandemic.

Who needs foreign law?

In a globalized society and economy, knowledge of foreign law is important for legal practitioners, says Professor Mary Ann Glendon.