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Sima Atri
Justice Base, Myanmar
Researched and reported on legal reform and “access to justice” in Myanmar. Analyzed and organized workshop on constitutional rights and limits to the right of access to courts in Myanmar, summarizing results into a report and future work plan.

Marina Basseas
International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, The Netherlands
Working for the Office of the Prosecutor, prepared for cross-examination of defense witnesses. Reviewed prior statements, testimony, and documents and wrote reports summarizing findings, then drafted testimony summaries, highlighting contradictory responses of defense witnesses. Wrote case summaries for project evaluating courts’ application of ICTY case law and their treatment of witnesses in cases concerning sexual violence.

Lara Berlin
Inter Mediate, United Kingdom
Conducted conflict-specific analysis including research into election systems and constitutional histories, using information gathered to understand potential post-conflict transition options. Produced comparative research on peace processes around the world, including significant writing on the potential benefits and pitfalls of peace referendums.

Daniel Bleiberg
Office of the US Trade Representative, Washington, D.C.
Working for the Office of the General Counsel and the Office for China Affairs, researched and evaluated state compliance with recent WTO decisions, as well as the legal merits of freedom of information act requests to the office. Researched case law and negotiating history of WTO, municipal and national laws of China, and analyzed reports for ongoing litigation.

Catherine Cooper
Public International Law & Policy Group, Washington, D.C.
Helped draft a “negotiating handbook” for national clients, providing guidance on both peace negotiation strategies and legal and policy options for major issues likely to come up in negotiations, including potential power sharing options. Wrote legal memos including an analysis of the difference between state succession and government succession and its implication for state treaty obligations under international law.

Carter Hall
Tokyo Surugadai Law Offices, Japan
At private public interest law firm, conducted legal and policy research related both to the firm’s extensive projects assisting those affected by the 2011 tsunami and subsequent nuclear power plant meltdown, and to international human rights work, including the arrest of lawyers during political unrest Turkey. Traveled to areas affected by the tsunmamni and meltdown to participate in depositions.

Fatima Hassan
Rwanda Development Boardank
Assisted with finalization of due diligence questionnaire on energy transactions, composed memo and presented to Strategic Investment Unit team on current investment incentives and tax code, drafted legal agreements, prepared recommendations and conducted due diligence for the effective coordination of relevant public stakeholders and on negotiating position for selected strategic investment projects (public and private.)

Lindsay Henson
Bangladesh National Woman Lawyers’ Association
Designed targeted questionnaire on child marriage in Bangladesh and greater South Asia in order to determine motivation and prevalence. Worked on two comprehensive monitoring reports focused on new gender-based violence laws. Attended regional workshop on human trafficking and drafted 40-page summaryizing report. Revised Legal Services Delivery Manual used as guide to processes and procedures for BNWLA cases.

Julianne Hill
Human Rights and Law Defenders, Sayhog Trust, India
Researched and wrote report on the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, designed to advise protection officers, police, and judges. Research involved interviews with government officials, protection officers, police officers, community organizations, and victims of domestic violence in urban and rural regions of India.

Iram Huq
Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia
Researched and compiled evidence on armed conflict between Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam between 1975 and 1979. Wrote memo on these conflicts, as well as international laws on charging suspects in absentia, Cambodian law regarding the introduction of new facts, and the status of national crimes.

Natalie Jay
Portuguese Refugee Council
Produced comprehensive summary of Portuguese immigration law for European Programme for Integration and Migration study. Contributed to construction of detailed family reunification database to organize law, jurisprudence, and policy by topic. Drafted expert opinions in Portuguese analyzing asylum and refugee petitions according to Portuguese and international asylum, immigration, and human rights law.

Brian Kelly
Open Society Afghanistan
Worked with OSA’s deputy director on new initiative to incorporate Afghan civil society organizations into the peace and reconciliation process. Coordinated with a coalition of human rights organizations and activists to identify goals and develop effective advocacy strategies, writing subsequent report. Also worked with Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission to help draft legislative mechanism to compensate civilian victims of the conflict.

Akhila Kholisetty
Timap for Justice, Sierra Leone
Worked directly with paralegals to mediate cases relating to contracts, torts, property, and family law. Advocated for clients involved with local police and courts. Worked in a mobile clinic to conduct community-based legal awareness sessions on laws including the Domestic Violence Act and Devolution of Estates Act.

Josephine Lee
Fundacion Ambiente y Recursos Naturales, Argentina
Researched and drafted memo on proposed reforms of the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights. Translated and edited policy recommendations, briefs, and articles on indigenous rights and environmental law for publication and presentation.

Jodie Liu
Open Society Justice Initiative, Hungary
Researched and wrote amici briefs submitted for various freedom of expression cases, summarized cases for an online freedom of information case database, researched and drafted memos about the role of civil society organizations in implementing EU directives on the rights of detainees, and undertook comparative research on detainee guidelines.

Meng Lu
World Bank Integrity Vice-Presidency, Washington, D.C.
Working for the Special Litigation Unit, wrote two Statements of Evidence and Accusation, including conducting related research on rules and compilation of evidence regarding companies that allegedly engaged in corrupt and/or fraudulent practices in World-Bank funded projects.

Rachel Mazzarella
Human Rights Law Network, India
Created and presented training sessions for paralegals on domestic violence legislation in India, serving as organizational liaison with another Indian NGO. Conducted research on Indian asylum laws and composed a rejoinder involving the suicide of a trafficking victim.

Emily Norman
Timap for Justice, Sierra Leone
Working with the Criminal Justice Initiative, supported and advocated for defendants at police stations, prisons, and in the local courts, monitoring officials to ensure that the due process rights of defendants were being protected. Participated in on-site Mobile Clinic training of rural villagers on Registration of Customary Marriage Act, an act providing legal benefits and protections for women.

Seth Packrone
United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Disability Section, New York, N.Y.
Researched sustainable governance structure for new Global Partnership on Children with Disabilities and collaborated on several proposals for sustainable governance structure to be adopted by program. Participated in analysis of survey distributed by Task Force on Nutrition and helped draft resulting report.

Sasha Pippenger
United Nations Office of the Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on Yemen
Worked with temporary political mission mandated by the UN Security Council in response to Yemen’s crisis. Based at the National Dialogue negotiations, analyzed and drafted written recommendations on constitutional questions and matters relating to the judiciary, and prepared and presented memos on international treaty obligations, immunities, and specific law clauses within the constitution

Dean Rosenberg
Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, France
Assisted in writing of comparative report on European Court of Human Rights procedure and neutrality, researched and drafted reports on accountability for human rights violations among international organizations, as well as the European Union and the European Convention on Human Rights.

Kaycie Rupp
United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, Italy
Working in the Administrative Law Branch, created a first draft of new harassment definition for FAO internal use, through research and analysis of definitions, foci, and approaches used throughout the United Nations, international organizations, governments, and multi-national corporations. Researched case law and drafted short policy memos for termination, harassment, and disciplinary cases and policy issues.

Sarah Weiner
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, United Kingdom
Working within the Legal Transition Team, researched and wrote country reports related to public procurement law reform. Investigated most recent laws in each country and communicated directly with regulators in each country regarding proposed changes to survey responses they had submitted. Drafted article for LTT journal on progress of regional reform.