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Daniel Brasil Becker
Justiça Global, Brazil
Participated in strategic planning sessions with environmental groups and labor unions involved in negotiations with a multinational mining company, and led ‘toxic tours’ of fishing communities and homes polluted by local industrial plants at a United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. Prepared reports on cases before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights relating to unwarranted delays in adjudication for the victims of a factory explosion and to special protections for indigenous peoples.

Emily Becker
Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation, Croatia
Researched the legitimacy, under national and international law, of the process used by the Croatian government to establish temporary and/or permanent protection of the Cres-Losinj marine area, and whether the government has an obligation to protect the area in the future.

Ashley Belyea
U.S. Department of Defense, Office of General Counsel, Washington, DC
Worked with attorneys in the International Affairs Section to research and draft briefs and letters on emerging national security issues; prepared materials for and recorded the proceedings of an inter-agency, international conference.

Samuel Birnbaum
United Nations Inter-Agency Project on Human Trafficking (UNIAP), Thailand
Contributed to an upcoming report on the legal frameworks on anti-trafficking in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia, and wrote a report on a recent disclosure law relating to human trafficking in California and its implementation. Assisted with monitoring and evaluating local NGOs who partner with UNIAP.

Tess Borden
United Nations Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions, Switzerland and South Africa
Assisted the Special Rapporteur in preparing for the presentation of a report to the U.N. Human Rights Council on the safety of journalists; researched and helped to draft a report on the death penalty to be presented to the U.N. General Assembly; researched lethal automated robotics for a upcoming report to the Human Rights Council.

Zoë Brennan-Krohn
International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, the Netherlands
Researched and wrote a speech for the Tribunal’s President; prepared proposals for outreach projects; researched and drafted a decision regarding the conditions of detention of an accused individual; prepared an early draft of an appeals judgment.

Melissa Chastang
Southern Africa Litigation Centre, South Africa
Researched issues of corporate responsibility for human rights abuses, state responsibility to investigate and prosecute human rights abuses committed abroad, and liability for grand corruption as a crime against humanity. Researched and drafted a legal brief on the merits of bringing suit against the Reserve Bank of Malawi relating to currency considered inaccessible to the blind and visually impaired.

Madison Condon
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, France
Researched and wrote a report on Border Carbon Adjustments (BCAs) that examined the effects of BCAs from a trade and environmental perspective, and explored various alternatives. Prepared briefing notes and a summary of the proceedings for the OECD’s Joint Working Party on Trade and Environment at its meeting in Paris.

Frédérique Couture-Carrier
Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, France
Researched, wrote, edited, and translated reports for the Council of Europe’s Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights. The reports focused on the implementation of judgments by the European Court of Human Rights, states’ systemic human rights violations, political prisoners in Azerbaijan, and the accession of the European Union to the Council of Europe.

Kelly Diep
United Nations Children’s Fund–UNICEF, China
Prepared a comparative law analysis of child abuse laws in 12 countries for UNICEF China’s Child Protection initiative; created a policy proposal on reforms to hukou (a social security number/passport system governing population movement and access to social services in China).

Jan Fiala
Disability Rights Center, Hungary/Office of the Ombudswoman for Persons with Disabilities, Croatia
Drafted a proposal to the Croatian government on the implementation of Article 12 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities; researched international human rights standards and problems relating to the application of legal capacity (guardianship) legislation in Croatia and other Central European countries.

Samantha Glover
Fundación Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (Environment and Natural Resources Foundation), Argentina
Researched and wrote a policy brief comparing public participation in climate change law in Buenos Aires, São Paulo, and Mexico City.

Anna Gressel
American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative, Morocco
Researched the benefits and challenges of introducing plea-bargaining into the Moroccan justice system. Prepared and made a presentation to a Ministry of Justice working group of judges and prosecutors, outlining the plea-bargaining process in France, Germany, the U.S., and other countries.

Lindsay Henson
Human Rights Law Network, India
Researched government policies and “realities on the ground” relating to forced evacuations and illegal demolitions of slums in several cities throughout India. Designed and conducted field research for and drafted a fact-finding report on widespread violations of India’s Right to Education Act affecting children living in slum communities in Delhi.

Lauren Herman
Adalah–The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, Israel
Researched issues of freedom of speech on university campuses, the rights of parliamentarians, the validity of international humanitarian law’s concept of unlawful combatants, the contours of the alien torts statute in the United States, and the rights of children to welfare entitlements. Engaged in strategic planning, including a social media strategy and outreach efforts, for Adalah’s first-ever public campaign.

Julian Hill
International Law Institute–African Centre for Legal Excellence, Uganda
Helped to organize and prepared substantive materials for a seminar on international criminal law. Drafted a presentation to the International Bar Association on how to encourage more African practitioners to become involved in international criminal law. Researched and prepared a proposal for a partnership with other countries interested in increasing food security.

Yu-Chi Kuo
International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, Tanzania
Provided legal research, cite-checking, and substantive writing assistance to the Chambers judges in a significant criminal judgment. Researched and drafted an internal memo on transfer case jurisprudence.

Lillian Langford
Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia, Kyrgyz Republic
Working with the Foundation’s Equal Before the Law Project, analyzed consultations with clients served by the Project’s free legal assistance program, visited field sites and interviewed lawyers, staff, and clients in five cities, and drafted a final report assessing the Project, identifying success stories, and recommending improvements.

Andrew Mamo
Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia, Cambodia
Working in the Office of the Co-Prosecutor, wrote motions and responses, drafted questions to prepare expert witnesses, and observed court proceedings in the Khmer Rouge trials.

Rachel Proctor May
Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy, India
Researched and drafted a report on the organic statutes governing the major state and local entities responsible for governing the Bangalore municipal region, in light of India’s 1992 constitutional amendment transferring significant powers from the state to municipal corporations.

Lynnette Miner
Timap for Justice, Sierra Leone
Advised individual clients seeking access to legal services; also worked on community-level issues, including animal trespassing and education. Focused on a rural village’s challenges with providing education and retaining teachers, working with community groups and government officials to develop and advocate for solutions to these problems.

Derrick Sutter
Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, Washington, DC
Working with the Office of the General Counsel, assisted with pending World Trade Organization cases by researching legal standards from past WTO decisions. Also worked with the Office of China Affairs, often conducting research in Mandarin.

Megumi Tsutsui
Legal Resources Centre, South Africa
Researched, wrote, and presented a report on corporate liability and government responsibility for a fatal mining accident. Researched requirements for the government to inform and educate stakeholders affected by a reclassification scheme that would degrade water quality along one of South Africa’s largest rivers.

Sarah Wheaton
St. Andrew’s Refugee Legal Aid Program – The Resettlement Legal Aid Project, Egypt
Provided direct legal service to refugees in Egypt seeking resettlement in other countries. Conducted client intake interviews and worked with refugees to shape and draft testimony submitted to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees resettlement office.

Rebecca Wolozin
Open Society Justice Initiative, New York, NY
Researched the current state of freedom of information and expression law around the world, particularly as it relates to national security. Created a database on freedom of information and national security law in 90 countries; wrote a report and an expert blog post relating to her research.

Domonique Worship
Justiça Global, Brazil
Analyzed legal claims and implicated articles of the American Convention of Human Rights to help devise a legal strategy for a prison abuse case being prepared for litigation before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. Wrote a report for the UN Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary, or Arbitrary Executions about a pending case, and researched international standards for pre-trial detainees and public defense services.