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Anthony Aminoff
International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, the Netherlands
Assisted the prosecution team in the Radovan Karadzic trial by writing a memo on the standard for pleading material facts in an indictment and by reviewing and preparing documents for a witness proofing session of a major witness

Evelyn Atkinson
Center for Human Rights, Chile
Conducted research and designed a curriculum for a new postgraduate diploma course on women and human rights advocacy for Latin American human rights practitioners

David Attanasio
Dejusticia, Colombia
Analyzed the Colombian land restitution program design and wrote an essay presenting the findings; wrote a memo on litigation in the U.S. related to transitional justice efforts in Colombia; accompanied a fact-finding trip to the Atlantic coast of Colombia to observe and conduct interviews with state officials and victims in order to assess the success of a pilot restitution project

Nina Catalano
Center for Security Studies and Citizenship, Brazil
Conducted research and drafted memos on prison conditions and the treatment of pretrial detainees, and on a new community policing project; visited local jails and supported the client interview and intake process

Stephen Cha-Kim
Trade Union Advisory Committee (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development), France
Compiled and analyzed over 100 cases previously raised by labor unions against multinational corporations for violating provisions of the OECD Guidelines on human rights, environmental, and employment standards; provided legal research and counsel for an international service workers’ union looking to bring a complaint against a U.S.-based hotel chain

Kerala Cowart
Human Rights Law Network, India
Drafted a court complaint against the state for not following the legal safeguards required for displacing peoples when planning construction of a new dam; drafted a response brief in a case against the state for its plans to build a cement plant and limestone mine that would displace many people and adversely affect a wildlife sanctuary

Laura-Kate Denny
International Justice Mission, India
Wrote memos on consular immunity under the Vienna Convention and the registration process for aftercare homes in West Bengal; drafted court petitions to support anti-sex trafficking advocacy

Marcus Eldridge
Office of the United States Trade Representative, Washington, D.C.
Conducted research and drafted memos and other documents to assist with a World Trade Organization export restraints challenge that the U.S., European Union, and Mexico brought against China

Jason Gelbort
Public International Law and Policy Group, Washington, D.C.
Wrote memos on issues the constituent assembly in Nepal is facing as they draft and implement their new constitution, and on legal issues related to the development of domestic transitional justice mechanisms in Uganda

Eliza Golden
Drafted a litigation handbook on the protocol to the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights on the rights of women, explaining the most important sections of the protocol and providing comparative and foreign law research to demonstrate how the protocol could be used to promote women’s rights through litigation in African courts

Ben Hoffman
Center for Constitutional Rights, New York
Conducted legal research on projects within the Center’s international human rights docket, including preparation for the filing of Al-Aulaqi v. Obama, a case challenging the Obama administration’s targeted killing program, and a feasibility study for a project related to human rights and gender in Uganda

James Kingman
Open Democracy Advice Centre, South Africa
Wrote a section of an amicus brief to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights regarding the right to truth for the families of Brazilian guerillas that were disappeared by the military dictatorship in the 1970s; drafted a memo on the right of journalists to access public information; edited a legal use guide on whistleblowing and employment laws to be used by union organizers and business leaders

Tor Krever
Special Court for Sierra Leone, the Netherlands
Summarized witness testimony for use in writing the defense team’s final brief and in preparing for direct examination of immediate witnesses; participated in interviews of defense witnesses to plan how to approach examination; authored a number of memos on specific legal questions that were used in drafting motions to the court and the defense team’s final brief

Taylor Landis
International Rescue Committee, Liberia
Conducted interviews and drafted a report that included recommendations as to how attitudes and perceptions of gender-based violence in communities could be used to better inform the International Rescue Committee’s programming, and to improve how the organization works with its partners to promote access to justice and survivor services for gender-based violence survivors

Lillian Langford
United Nations Assistance to the Khmer Rouge Trials, Cambodia
Investigated decisions of other international tribunals for relevancy to the Khmer Rouge Tribunal; examined domestic legal systems for guidance on how to interpret the establishment law of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC)

Teel Lidow
World Food Programme, Italy
Drafted and amended a range of agreements, including lease, service, financial and intellectual property licensing; drafted a memo on the U.S. Treasury Department’s guidelines under U.S. antiterrorism financing laws for the World Food Programme’s legal staff to use in negotiations with foundations holding assets in the U.S.

Clara Long
International Rescue Committee, Thailand
Conducted interviews with refugee camp leaders, assessed the camp’s informal justice system, and wrote a procedural code for the camp to facilitate the strengthening of rule of law and to promote human rights standards

Aaron Marcus
Legal Empowerment Centre, Kenya
Contributed to a range of legal services projects, including: drafting an opening statement and preparing witnesses for a trial on behalf of prisoners suing for the right to vote in the constitutional referendum; negotiating a contract between an umbrella group of slum radio stations and a media buyer to secure advertising revenue for the radio group; and drafting portions of legislation on land tribunals

Maggie Morgan
Asylum Access, Tanzania
Developed and administered a survey of urban refugees; wrote a policy paper to be given to the UNHCR concerning the ways in which refugee status determination in Tanzania could be improved; conducted interviews with refugee clients about their legal needs

David Palko
Constitutional Court of Kosovo
Read case files, conducted legal research, and briefed judges on the findings; drafted judge’s reports and court opinions

Petko Peev
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, England
Compiled country law assessment reports summarizing the Bank’s opinions on the commercial laws of countries in the region; conducted research on the optimal design of projects to educate judges and other officials on topics of commercial law; coordinated a training seminar for lawyers from the EBRD countries on basic topics in project finance; conducted research on the implementation of public procurement laws

Nick Renzler
Inter-American Association for Environmental Defense, Colombia
Contributed sections to briefs submitted to the Inter-American system on behalf of communities and individuals affected by environmental degradation; wrote a memo outlining best-practice standards for conducting human rights impact assessments for large development and extractive industry products; drafted a guide in Spanish outlining the effects of dams and legal and political strategies for defending a community’s rights

Daniel Saver
United Nations Assistance to the Khmer Rouge Trials, Cambodia
Conducted research on appellate issues brought before the court and drafted judicial decisions; prepared legal memos for attorneys and briefed judges on legal and policy issues in preparation for deliberations

Tazneen Shahabuddin
Amnesty International, New York
Conducted research and contributed to a report on maternal mortality and sexual and reproductive rights in Indonesia

Anna Stancu
Council of Europe, France
Conducted research and writing on a range of human rights topics, including biometrics databases/identity documents, terrorism and human rights, persistent detractors from the European Convention on Human Rights, and the abolition of the death penalty in observer states. Wrote a speech for a parliamentarian that was delivered in Parliament

Brett Stark
Association for Civil Rights in Israel
Conducted comparative international research on a range of civil liberties issues; wrote a comprehensive summary of the hate speech laws in a number of large legal systems

Elizabeth Summers
Legal Assistance Centre, Namibia
Summarized international treaties and jurisprudence relating to corporal punishment; conducted research and wrote a memo on the jurisprudence of the Namibian High Court and Supreme Court relating to a particular article of the Namibian constitution; collected data from various magistrate courts throughout Namibia and conducted interviews with court officials and local Namibians

David Williams
National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa
Wrote memos summarizing the procedural posture and background of a tax fraud case, and on the internal National Prosecuting Authority’s policy relating to whether defendants whose assets are frozen should be given the assistance of free legal aid lawyers; conducted research on the admissibility of improperly obtained evidence in civil proceedings