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Mostafa Abdelkarim
United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, Egypt

Wrote and presented host-style briefings on a new law that established the salary and promotion structure for Egyptian teachers; assisted with the development of a model whereby UNESCO can help organize and broadcast university lectures from schools across the Middle East; conducted research on an Egyptian court ban on adult websites

Rehan Abeyratne
Documentation Center of Cambodia
Drafted a legal memo to be submitted to the Extraordinary Chambers of the Courts of Cambodia on the concept of superior responsibility and whether it applied to the crimes of the Khmer Rouge

Bradford Adams
Reprieve, England
Reviewed allegations and their sources, including criminal trials in several countries, to assist in the defense of a Moroccan detainee at Guantanamo Bay; conducted research on CIA rendition flights and the condition and legal status of US-run prisons in Afghanistan

Nicholas Atwood
Beijing Children’s Legal Aid Center / Beijing Legal Aid Office for Migrant Workers, China

Researched and wrote a legal memo on corporate social responsibility and labor rights in China; drafted and edited a successful anti-child-trafficking grant proposal

Yoon Suk Choo
Citizens’ Alliance for North Korean Human Rights, South Korea
Contributed research to a report advocating that the UN Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees apply to North Korean escapees in China; assisted in creating an action plan regarding an upcoming UN Human Rights Council’s review of North Korea’s human rights record

Cosette Creamer
United Nations Assistance to the Khmer Rouge Trials, Cambodia
Prepared legal memoranda on prosecutorial discretion, admissibility of evidence, bias of legal officers, corruption, and immunity from process for the Pre-Trial Chamber; wrote a research memorandum on requests for annulment within French criminal procedure

Kathleen Cui
American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative, China
Drafted a report on legal empowerment and access to justice; helped facilitate negotiation and mediation training workshops

Naira Der Kiureghian
International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, The Netherlands
Assisted a senior trial attorney with pretrial preparations by reviewing exhibits and examining prior witness statements and documentary evidence in order to prepare propositions for the witness’s examination

Alysson Ford
Social and Economic Rights Action Centre, Nigeria
Drafted a brief for submission to the Nigerian courts requesting an injunction against the government’s practice of forced evictions and housing demolitions; wrote SERAC’s official response to the UN’s Periodic Review of Nigeria; conducted research on the impact of petroleum exploration and production on communities in the Niger Delta

Ermal Frasheri
Centre for Microfinance, Nepal

Conducted research on the microfinance sector, including local concerns and international “best practice” standards; drafted a law that establishes a central agency that would regulate microfinance institutions and services

Eliza Golden
South East Asia Investigations into Social and Humanitarian Activities, Cambodia
Developed a comprehensive training module on domestic violence and protection order laws for inclusion in a training program to be administered to the National Police

Alastair Green
TechnoServe, Tanzania
Drafted a set of regulations for the Tanzanian cotton sector and negotiated a contract between TechnoServe and a Rwandan vendor

Anne Healy
International Rescue Committee, Uganda
Engaged in field research on rule of law and access to justice issues in Uganda; drafted a report with recommendations on developing a rule of law program

Emily Inouye
International Justice Mission, Bolivia
Provided assistance with trial work on sexual violence; examined rape and sexual abuse legislation from around the world and proposed a new bill to a congressman, who then proposed the bill in congress; conducted research on rape as an international crime

Aatif Iqbal
Campaign Committee for Human Rights, Thailand
Assisted with advocacy work to combat “enforced disappearances” and to promote better witness protection; documented the proceedings of a conference about the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Human Rights Commission and drafted a summary of the proceedings; presented lectures on the history of human rights law to college students

Nkatha Kabira
Kenya Law Reform Commission
Conducted research on the costs and benefits of establishing a special tribunal for Kenya to try the perpetrators of election violence, and examined the viability of a tribunal as opposed to having the perpetrators tried at the International Criminal Court

Mina Khalil
World Health Organization, Switzerland
Conducted research on unsafe abortions and wrote a chapter for a manuscript promoting the World Health Organization’s reproductive and sexual health goals

Tor Krever
Development and Peace Project, Colombia
Conducted research on economic development in situations of violence and conflict, including rule of law as a framework for addressing conflict and future developmental projects; provided comparative legal research on conflicting land and property titles and restitution projects in post-conflict situations

Natalie Lockwood
International Civilian Office, Kosovo
Researched and drafted legal memos on state succession, sovereign debt allocation, diplomatic privileges and immunities, and international organizations law

Maggie Morgan
Sierra Leone Court Monitoring Programme

Witnessed court proceedings, visited prisons, interviewed death row inmates, and traveled across the country to interview judges and civil society activists as part of a report on the criminal justice system and the state of judicial independence; researched and wrote articles on human rights, judicial accountability, and criminal justice for the organization’s monthly newsletter

Anna Myles-Primakoff
Human Rights Law Network, India
Worked on developing a litigation strategy on access to abortion in India

Daniel Purisch
Association for Civil Rights in Israel
Prepared reports on the regulations that govern criminal investigation of misconduct of coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, and on prosecuting commanding officers for misconduct

Hillary Schrenell
Timap for Justice, Sierra Leone
Trained paralegals and provided legal assistance to rural and semi-urban communities in employment, criminal, and family law matters

Samuli Seppänen
National Resources Defense Council, China

Produced a research paper on environmental public interest litigation in China and participated in an HLS Program on Negotiation workshop in Wuhan

Samantha Stern
Reprieve, England
Researched the legal barriers to potential claims against U.S. officials by former Guantanamo detainees; drafted advocacy materials to persuade the Italian government to assist President Obama in his efforts to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay and to consider offering resettlement to some of the detainees

Lisa Taylor
Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, Switzerland
Participated in drafting a multi-lateral treaty to restore diplomatic privileges and to obtain observer status at the UN General Assembly for the Global Fund after its separation from the World Health Organization; conducted research on Chinese drug regulation and assisted in drafting grant agreements

Mona Williams
Development Alternatives Inc., Democratic Republic of the Congo
Conducted an institutional evaluation of the Congolese Ministry of Justice and provided recommendations to the Minister of Justice about ways to strengthen the justice sector