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Sarah Abraham
United Nations Relief and Works Agency, Jordan
Drafted proposed adaptations to Memoranda of Understanding between UNRWA and government bodies to incorporate provisions related to the protection of refugee schoolchildren. Conducted research on and contributed to a compendium of international legal rules governing Jordan-specific refugee protections.

Lyndsi Allsop
Dejusticia, Colombia
Within the anti-racism department at Dejusticia, engaged in comparative research on post-conflict government diversity, and suggested strategies to increase representation of Afro-Colombians in the parliament. Examined the effect of police codes on public protests.

Katrina Braun
Migrants’ Rights Clinic / Community Advocacy Clinic, Israel
At the Migrants’ Rights Clinic, interviewed Eritrean and Sudanese asylum-seekers about the quality of food at a residence facility and wrote a report to assist with litigation on the matter. Performed comparative analysis of reactions to “mass influx” situations. At the Community Advocacy Clinic, co-authored a memo on the determination of welfare provisions in relation to a recent Israeli law on debt collection and the right to a dignified life.

Stephanie Charles
United States Trade Representative, Washington, DC
Assisted Office of General Counsel attorneys on ongoing cases, researching trade law and the negotiation history of certain agreements and provisions. Engaged in research on domestic laws and regulations governing the import of goods, gaining insight into the possible scope of treatment of these goods within the context of negotiations of an international trade agreement.

Priscilla Dao
World Food Programme, Italy
Drafted new contracts and amended existing contracts in relation to the WFP transition from a primarily food-based aid delivery system to a food- and cash-based aid delivery system. Prepared responses to information disclosure requests submitted by journalists to the European Commission about WFP programs involving Syria and Syrian refugees.

Sarah Dorman
Dejusticia, Colombia
Engaged in research on international and hybrid criminal tribunals in order to assist in Dejusticia’s formulation of recommendations regarding the Colombian peace process and the Special Peace Tribunal.

Sarah Guerrero
Legal Resources Centre, South Africa
Drafted educational publications on information rights and the right to development. Conducted research and prepared memos on topics including statutes on forced medication, a possible right to the Internet, and consumers’ rights laws.

Conor Hartnett
International Centre for Ethnic Studies, Sri Lanka
Produced an in-depth report on the Centre’s conference on truth-seeking and prosecutions in post-war and post-authoritarian Sri Lanka. Drafted recommendations for the establishment and administration of transitional justice institutions in Sri Lanka as well as for the inclusion of economic and social rights in the Sri Lankan Bill of Rights.

Thomas Holt
Justice Studies Center of the Americas, Chile
Carried out research and wrote reports on access to justice for indigenous people in Chile and Mexico and on Chilean government agencies’ programs related to gender violence.

Claire Horan
Blue Ocean Law, Guam
Wrote case briefs and drafted responses to anticipated questions in preparation for a constitutional case defending a Guam law authorizing a plebiscite for native inhabitants to express their wishes for self-determination; assisted the lead attorney during oral arguments. Worked on critiques of regional regulatory frameworks for deep sea mining.

Julia Jonas-Day
Earthjustice International, San Francisco
Undertook research on public interest environmental litigation brought in China. Prepared an analysis of U.S. greenhouse gas reporting regulations which was attached to comments on proposed South African regulations and submitted to the South African Ministry of Environmental Affairs. Drafted a motion to show cause in ongoing litigation against the Environmental Protection Agency for failing to issue standards to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from aircraft.

Ha Ryong (Michael) Jung
UNICEF, Thailand
Conducted comparative research and analyzed legislation on violence against, and justice for, children. Compiled a database on child-specific legislation in the region, and composed summaries for each country, focusing on legislative amendments and recommendations for legal reform.

Malik Ladhani
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Jordan
Drafted case re-assessments for Iraqi asylum-seekers, applying international refugee law to determine whether the applicants should be considered refugees under international conventions. Participated in the assessment of the inter-agency response to the refugee crisis at the Syria-Jordan border.

Chunghang (Joshua) Lee
Interamerican Association for Environmental Defense, Costa Rica
Carried out research and drafted memoranda on how Latin American governments can improve conservation efforts related to marine biodiversity , specifically in regard to salmon aquaculture, hydropower plant regulation, tuna fishery management, and coral preservation.

Michael Maruca
New Markets Lab, Washington, DC
In support of a project for the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development, undertook legal policy research designed to help policy-makers in low-income countries identify priority areas for regulatory reform.

Valentina Montoya Robledo
Women’s Legal Centre, South Africa
Built a case and developed a case theory on police abuse and harassment against sex workers: collected information from those who had suffered or witnessed police wrongdoings, drafted a brief, and conceptualized litigation and advocacy strategies.

Edith Sangueza
Instituto para las Mujeres en la Migracion, Mexico
Conducted interviews and drafted declarations for reverse-migration clients seeking humanitarian visas in categories designated for victims of criminal activity and violence against women.

Lara Townzen
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Ukraine
Prepared a guidance note on peacebuilding and reconciliation. Conducted research and wrote fact sheets on the situation along the line dividing the government controlled and non-government controlled areas of Ukraine, and on the situation for LGBTI internally displaced people.

Amy Volz
Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Poland
Conducted research — for the comparative sections of appellate briefs for Polish courts and amicus curiae briefs for the European Court of Human Rights — on cases dealing with freedom of expression, permissible limitations on the right to strike, involuntary detention in social care facilities, legality of consumer boycotts, and child witness advocacy.