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Patricia Alejandro
Legal Resources Centre, South Africa
Drafted legal documents, conducted interviews, and created advocacy materials related to socioeconomic rights issues, with a focus on education and the lack of transportation and sanitation facilities.  Traveled to rural areas of South Africa to undertake research and interviews related to litigation of a mining case, and wrote an “application for court” on social grants matters.

Taylor Allen
Office of the Public Protector, South Africa
Within the Good Governance Unit, investigated cases of high-level maladministration, corruption, and wasteful expenditure involving governmental authorities.  Drafted memos and provided recommendations based on evaluations of constitutional and statutory compliance of allegedly offending authorities.  Participated in consultations at mobile clinics with over 100 complainants on issues ranging from undue delay to service delivery on the part of the Home Affairs Department.

Daniel Binette
World Bank Integrity Vice Presidency, Washington, DC
Participated in all stages of investigations into allegations of internal fraud and corruption related to Bank-financed projects.  Compiled evidence of wrongdoing through review of emails and other internal documents, participated in witness interviews, and drafted memorandums related to the justification of access to staff members’ electronic files.

Lauren Blodgett
End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography, and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes, Thailand
Wrote a comprehensive comparative-country analysis report on access to justice for child victims of sexual exploitation, focusing on rights to monetary compensation for victims’ injuries and suffering.

Katrina Braun
Equal Education Law Centre, South Africa
Prepared and presented research regarding the legal structure and implementation of laws related to sexual offenses committed by educators.  Evaluated governmental education infrastructure plans, and provided assistance for an ongoing case dealing with denial of admission to public schools due to overcrowding.

Purun Cheong
Foundation for Human Rights Initiative, Uganda
Researched and drafted a thematic report on extrajudicial killings in Uganda. Provided legal analysis on the right to a fair trial and the human rights obligations of state security institutions.

Sam Datlof
World Bank Legal Vice Presidency, Washington DC
Worked on “Drivers of Corruption” study examining integrity due diligence (the practice of quantifying the risk of corruption in a given project) at various development banks and commercial firms.  Conducted research on creating incentives for private actors to limit corruption without the help of public sector actors.

Lisa Dicker
Zhicheng Public Interest Lawyers, China
Undertook comparative research on the emerging Chinese juvenile justice system.  Drafted memos and briefs in support of ongoing cases and initiatives related to: criminal, disability, labor, education, family, and procedural issues.  Developed a comprehensive survey to be administered to judges, attorneys, and police officers as part of a three-year study of child sexual assault in China.

Molly Doggett
Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, France
Conducted research, analysis, and writing on several parliamentary issues, including reports on international standards for the treatment of critically ill detainees, and access to justice through online instruments.

Kelsey Jost-Creegan
Dejusticia, Colombia
Conducted research and drafted memos on the incorporation of Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights and land issues in transitional justice processes. Translated an article on the ability of countries to design their own transitional justice processes with a focus on the permissibility of conditional amnesties under international law, and participated in a working group debate related to the article’s topic.

Lan Mei
Center for Minority Rights Development, Kenya
Undertook research and wrote a report related to indigenous rights land claims litigation, focusing on a comparative analysis of claims cases brought by indigenous communities in Kenya, Nicaragua, and South Africa.

Aditya Pai
Sehgal Foundation, India
Analyzed the structure and effectiveness of the Sehgal Foundation’s legal literacy camps.  Conducted in-person interviews – in Hindi – of camp attendees, as well as paralegal volunteers and foundation field staff.  Produced a final report and assessment based on case studies, and presented recommendations for improving future legal literacy camps.

Courtney Paterson
Al Haq, Palestine
Undertook comparative research for the development of a litigation and advocacy strategy related to a new project focused on tourism and human rights.  Took part in bilateral negotiations related to weapons trade and regulation.  Researched allegations of torture by the Palestinian Authority.

Alice Prinsley
Legal Assistance Centre, Namibia
As part of the Gender Research Advocacy Project, undertook research related to public accessibility of statutes and legal information.  Conducted comparative research and legal analysis on the constitutional right to submit an amicus brief, and on model laws related to child pornography.  Created a model guide for the creation of wills to be submitted to the Namibian law commission as part of a recommendation to amend current laws related to wills.

Korey Silverman-Roati
Center for Public Interest Law, Ghana
Researched legal issues in mining communities, and conducted in-person interviews of clients – including those in Western Ghana affected by mining activities. Prepared a report on compensation of communities affected by mining based on client experiences during pre-trial, trial, and post-settlement stages.  Undertook comparative research on takings law, and applied findings to a local case involving the construction of a natural gas pipeline.

Kelsey Skaggs
Media Legal Defence Initiative, United Kingdom
Drafted memos and submissions – including to UNESCO and the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention – related to freedom of expression, criminal defamation, and fair trial issues.  Undertook comparative research and writing on national and international defamation.

Loren Voss
Public International Law and Policy Group, Washington, DC
Conducted research and wrote memos on: legal restrictions on organizational grant funding, multi-tiered ethnic classifications and their effects on minority rights, core elements of transitional governments, and judicial appointments and management within the context of a draft framework constitution.

Jillian Wagman
Justice Trust, Myanmar
Conducted research and interviews on rule of law issues related to women’s rights in Myanmar and Thailand. Provided background analysis through a comprehensive literature review of women’s issues, including: roles in society, access to justice, access to healthcare, and institutionalized discrimination.

Marissa Yu
United Nations Environment Programme, Switzerland
Designed a research project on environmental provisions in international trade and investment agreements.  Collaborated on the research and writing of a paper on “avant garde” environmental provisions in recent trade and investment agreements.