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More Information for Students:

Chayes Fellows will be eligible for stipends from the Law School’s Summer Public Interest Funding Program (SPIF), supplemented by funds from the Chayes Fellowship determined by placement location. These sums are intended to defray travel and living expenses for the summer. For more information, see the Student Financial Services Office’s pages on Summer Public Interest Funding. The Chayes Fellowship will also cover inoculations (up to $500) for students whose health plans do not provide coverage and who are traveling to developing countries that advise travelers to take precautions. If a student is placed in a U.S.-based organization, he/she will not receive a stipend above the standard amount for Summer Public Interest Funding.

Fellows are expected to make their own travel, visa, and housing arrangements for the summer fellowship once the Selection Committee’s decisions are announced and fellows have secured approved placements. Fellowships must be a minimum duration of 8 weeks (full-time) unless express authorization is received from the Chayes program for a Fellow to work for a shorter period.

Students who are foreign nationals should be aware of considerations with regard to special requirements both for receiving funding and visas when traveling abroad during their studies and plan accordingly. For this reason international students should be sure to contact the Harvard International Office before committing to any travel outside the United States.

In the spring, Chayes Fellows must fulfill the international travel requirements for students traveling abroad with Harvard funding. They are also required to attend pre-departure information sessions and a Chayes Fellowship dinner to prepare for their placements.

Upon arrival at their placement organizations, Fellows must contact the Chayes Fellowship Program and should send an update communication at least once during the summer. If fellows encounter any change of plans or difficulties — in terms of the nature or duration of their work, supervision, or personal safety — they must contact the Chayes program.

Chayes Fellows become part of a global network of individuals engaged with organizations working in societies in transition around the world. and are invited to attend periodic meetings at Harvard. After completing the fellowship, recipients are expected to attend a mandatory debriefing with the Chayes Fellowship Selection Committee, to share their summer experiences with the other fellows and the committee members, and also  to submit a written evaluation of their experience. The written evaluation will be made available to interested students and others through the Office of Public Interest Advising and the Student Evaluations of Chayes Placement Organizations secure webpage. Fellows will also be expected to satisfy certain collegial and educational obligations throughout the year, especially by advising students interested in applying for the Chayes Fellowship in the following summer.

Students may fulfill the HLS pro bono work requirements through summer placements, but will not receive class credit.

If a student does not meet the obligations of the fellowship, he or she may be asked to refund some or all of the stipend.