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Radhika Kapoor LL.M. ’19

At HLS, an avid reader sharpens her sskills for working with countries emerging from conflict.

Judicial leadership around the globe

Judges from Sweden, Brazil, Egypt, and Malawi, at HLS as LL.M. students, offer different perspectives and find common ground.

HLS celebrates at the International Party

The LL.M. Class of 2019 shares food, music, dance, and friendship with the HLS community.


From Fiji to New Delhi

In January 2019, 12 HLS studemts pursued clinical placements or independent research in 12 countries as Cravath International Fellows.

Summer public interest work abroad

The 2019 Chayes International Public Service Fellows focused on issues ranging from refugee assistance to international anti-corruption law, among others.

Eric Gitari LL.M. ’18

After a landmark victory for gay rights in Kenya, the lawyer and LGBTIQ activist will continue to work for legal reform in Africa.


Michael Jung ’18

In his time at HLS, Jung — a Chayes Fellow in 2016 and 2017 — has completed extensive coursework and clinical training to shape a future career in child advocacy.

“After a decade of tireless fighting, a measure of justice”

An HLS litigation team — including clinical faculty, students and alumni — helps hold two of the most powerful men in Bolivian history responsible for extrajudicial killings.

“When we’re needed, we’ll show up”

They don’t all want to be immigration lawyers, but in 2017, hundreds of Harvard Law School students have made immigrant rights their business.