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HLS Emergency Contact Information

If you experience an emergency while abroad, it may be necessary to first call local responders (i.e. police or fire department) or Harvard Travel Assist (+1 617-998-0000 for medical emergencies) and then notify the appropriate HLS contact person.

Program/Type of Travel Contact Email/Telephone
Chayes Fellowship | Study Abroad | Winter Term International Travel Grants Sara Zucker, Director, International Legal Studies
+1 617-495-9030 (office)
Clinical Programs
[Students who received an international travel grant to do a clinical abroad should contact Sara Zucker, above.]
Jill Crockett. Associate Director, Clinical and Pro Bono Programs
+1 617-495-5202 (office)
Human Rights Program Emily Keehn, Associate Director, Academic Program, Human Rights Program
+1 617-495-6912 (office)
Institute for Global Law and Policy Neal O’Connor, Administrative Director, Institute for Global Law and Policy
+1 617-495-3145 (office)
Islamic Legal Studies Program Ceallaigh Reddy, Program Administrator, Islamic Legal Studies Program
+1 617-496-3941 (office)
Program on Negotiation James Kerwin, Assistant Director, Program on Negotiation
+1 617-495-9688 (office)
Student Organizations Mark Jefferson, Director of Commuity Engagement and Equity, Dean of Students Office
+1 617-495-7450 (office)
Summer Public Interest Funding (SPIF)
[for the Chayes Fellowship or Human Rights Program Summer Internships, see contacts listed above]
Natasha Onken, Assistant Director, Low Income Protection Plan and Summer Public Interest Funding, JD Student Financial Services
+1 617-495-0643 (office)
Winter Term Writing Program [if not through one of programs listed above] Lisa Langone, Academic Affairs Coordinator, Office of Academic Affairs
+1 617-496-1696 (office)

Post-Emergency Incident Reporting

Any Harvard traveler who experiences or witnesses a serious medical or safety incident while abroad should, after the emergency has been properly handled, report the event to help the University support the safety and security of the community. Please see Harvard’s Incident Reporting webpage for more information.

Harvard Travel Assist Emergency Medical and Evacuation Insurance

Call Harvard Travel Assist worldwide, 24/7:
+1 617-998-0000

Harvard Travel Assist provides emergency evacuation services and medical and security advice and referrals to Harvard travelers abroad. To ensure access to these services, it is crucial that all international travel be registered in the Harvard Travel Registry.

Eligibility: Harvard Law School students traveling under the School’s auspices or independently in relation to academic or professional work are covered by Harvard Travel Assist. International students traveling to their home countries may not be covered. Personal or leisure travel is not covered. Harvard employees and fellows, while traveling on University business, are also eligible for coverage. Please visit the Harvard Travel Assist website for eligibility details and information on exclusions to coverage, as well as country-specific information.

To reach Harvard Travel Assist in an emergency call +1 617-998-0000 (worldwide, 24/7/365). You may call collect. You can also use this number to access non-emergency assistance.

Harvard Travel Assist Benefits

Medical Assistance Services

  • 24-hour access to physicians who provide emergency and routine medical advice
  • 24-hour access to medical information, referrals and emergency assistance
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Medically supervised repatriation
  • Assistance with documentation for insurance claims

The following medical assistance services may incur a charge to the traveler or their insurance if a third party is engaged to deliver services (health care providers, transportation, hotels, etc.).

  • Medical and dental referrals
  • Medical expenses guarantee and payment
  • Hotel arrangements for outpatient care
  • Arrangement of ground transportation and accommodation for accompanying family members
  • Dispatch of prescription medication and medical equipment

Security Assistance Services

  • Security evacuation assistance
  • Access to security crisis center

Travel Assistance Services

  • Legal referrals
  • Emergency message transmission
  • Lost document advice and assistance
  • Emergency translation services

Please visit Harvard Travel Assist for more information about eligibility, exclusions to coverage, services, and FAQs.